WAN Full Form – What is WAN? Types of Networks

WAN full Form

Friends, you are very much welcome.Friends, do you know must have heard about WAN network in another posts.But do you know what is LAN PAN MAN WAN network and what is wan full form in addition.

In today’s time, more than half of the people in the whole world use internet network connection.In such a situation the question becomes, which internet connection is the internet you are using.

There are very few people who know about it. Today we are going to tell you about all those networks.

What is WAN full form?

Today’s post is going to be very interesting and special because we are going to tell you information about the topic of WAN networks using very simple words.

So please read the post from beginning to end, so let’s go without any delay. Let’s start this post today.

What are WAN’s? WAN definition?

In the field of WAN network, there is a big network whose full name is | Wide Area Network.It happens that you will be surprised to know that WAN is such a network that it is used in a large area.And it is not limited to one city and area.

And rather it can easily connect or connect the whole world or the whole world together. To connect together and other networks with each other.Or do (CONNECT) and so that any user sitting at one place can communicate with the user sitting far away through his computer.

He helps in reaching the network from one country to another and tell that this network is very important.

And let us tell you that many networks also come under this, all those networks are as follows:

  • Railway Reservation Network,
  • Large Corporate Network,
  • Banking Networks,
  • Airline Reservation Network,

All these are networks of WAN.

And with this, tell that this network is the most expensive and that is because the best type of technology such as: Sonet, Framerelay, Atm Etc is used in it.

So WAN network is more expensive than other network but it is one of the best network which connects the whole world together.

Wan Full Form ?

Full form of WAN | Wide Area Network | and WAN [Wide Area Network] A wide-area network (WAN) in its simplest form is a local-area network (LAN) or a collection of other networks that communicate with each other.

That is, communicate with each other, in simple words, a WAN is essentially a large network of networks and in which the Internet is the world’s largest WAN network.

And this network has the ability to connect the whole world or the world together or communicate. It is the largest network from the rest of the network.

Friends, now we have understood and understood very well what is the full form of WAN.Let us now go ahead and get more information about the subject of WAN.

What is the full form of WAN ?

WAN full form  is Wide Area Network.WAN (Wide Area Network) is a large network of computers and that is spread over a relatively large geographical area.

It should be noted that this WAN usually consists of two or more LANs (Local Area Network).These WANs are often set up with leased telecommunication circuits.

w – wide

A – Area

n – network

And this network is spread all over the world here in all over the world.It helps to unite the communication from one country to another easily, with the help of this network communicated very easily with any distant person.The Internet is a good and best example of a WAN network.

Friends, now we have come to know very well what wan full form is  now let’s go ahead and know what is other networks related to it.

What are the types of networks?

Yes, there are also types of networks, you will be surprised to know that there are mainly 4 types of this computer network.All those 4 types of networks are given below like –


  •  LAN(Local Area Network)
  •  PAN(Personal Area Network)
  •  MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)
  •  WAN(Wide Area Network)


Full form of LAN(Lan full form) is Local Area Network and which is called [local area network] (LAN).It is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area such as a residence, school, laboratory, university campus or office building.

Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the two most common technologies used for local area networks and this network is the most common.


PAN Full Form | Personal Area Network | It is called [Personal Area Network] (PAN).It is a personal area network (PAN) that connects electronic devices in the immediate area of ​​the user and the size of this PAN ranges from a few centimetres to a few meters. .

And this is one of the most common real-world examples of PAN, such as the connection between a Bluetooth earpiece and a smartphone. This is also the most commonly used network that everyone uses.


MAN full form | Metropolitan Area Network | and is called [metropolitan area network] (MAN).A MAN (metropolitan area network) is a large network and one that usually extends to many buildings in the same city or town.

And it is a WAN (Wide Area Network) as compared to a MAN it is not limited to a geographical location.

Although it may be confined within a state or country boundary it is the largest network.

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