TLC Full Form – What is TLC Test? Full Information

TLC Full Form: When there is some kind of serious disease in our body then the doctor first ask us to get TLC test done. TLC is a kind of blood test by which doctors get to know about our body.

But do you know what is TLC test? Why do doctors ask us to get TLC test done first, if you want information related to this, then read this article completely.

In this article, I am going to answer questions like TLC Full Form, what is TLC Test, why doctors ask to get this test done, similar questions. So let’s know about it.

TLC Full Form

The full form of TLC is “Total Leukocyte Count. It means total leukocyte count.

tlc full form
Total Leukocyte Count

Leukocytes are called white blood cells or white blood cells. TLC is a type of blood test. Through which the white blood cells present in our body are counted. For information, let me tell you that both DLC and TLC are blood tests.

DLC shows the percentage of white blood cells present in the blood. Whereas TLC shows the number of white blood cells present in the body.

What is TLC Blood Test? 

TLC is a type of blood test done to count the number of white blood cells present in the body. By which we get to know about our health. When the doctor examines our blood, many results come out in it, in which there are red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC), platelets, hemoglobin etc.

TLC is a test done by doctors to detect any disease, so that doctors come to know about the patient’s internal fever, urinary infection, cough, anemia etc.

TLC is a kind of blood test which shows the white blood cells present in our body. White blood cells also known as leukocytes.

Leukocytes are very important for our body, it is an essential part of the defense system of our body. Because it fights against diseases occurring in our body. It acts like a soldier in the body and protects us from infection.

What is white blood cell (WBC count)

White blood cells also called leukocytes, they make antibodies in the body. It helps our body to fight against bacteria, viruses, as well as protects it from diseases.

That is why white blood cell is also called the protector of our body. These are helpful in fighting diseases occurring in the body and it is also an important part of our body’s immune system.

Let me tell you the white blood cell is different in people of all ages. The normal range of white blood cells in the blood of a healthy person is 4000-11000/mm3.

This number is different in women, men, children and youth, it has been seen that white blood in healthy children and young people as compared to adults. The number of cells is more.

There are five types of white blood cells-

  1.  Neutrophils
  2.  Lymphocytes
  3.  Monocytes
  4.  Basophils
  5.  Eosinophils

Why TLC test is done

When a person has any kind of allergy, infection, serious problem in the body. Then the doctor first asks for TLC test, so that it can better know the disease occurring in your body.

Apart from this, TLC test is also done to detect infection in the body. With this test, a blood-related disease can be detected well, how serious is that disease. TLC test is also needed to check for blood cancer.

What happens when TLC increases in the body?

The white blood cell in the human body should always be in normal condition. Due to the increase of WBC, the body is at risk from many diseases, along with this, due to the increase of white blood cells, the immunity of the body decreases and health-related problems increase in the human body.

Leukemia is a condition characterized by the growth of white blood cells, which we can also call blood cancer.

Conclusion(TLC Full Form)

In this article, we have learnt about TLC in detail. In this post, we have learnt about all the things well, what is TLC?, TLC Full Form , Why TLC Test is done. I hope you have got all the information about TLC by reading this post.

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