TAT Full Form – What is TAT?

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What is TAT ?

In our country, all the people keep working in their life, so that they can earn their living and move forward in their life. Where some people work for others i.e. job (Job), some people do their own business. Those who do jobs, their salary is fixed. But the earnings of the people doing business are not fixed.

They sometimes make profit and sometimes loss. All this happens according to time.

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TAT is also in a way similar to time, which is the time taken to complete a work, that is, the time taken from starting to finishing a work is called TAT.

But do you know what is TAT? What is the meaning of TAT, if you do not have a little knowledge about it and you want to get information related to it, then read this article completely. In this post you will get TAT Full Form  and all the information about TAT.

TAT Full Form

The full form of TAT is “Turn Around Time” and it means turnaround time in Hindi. It is the time interval from the beginning of a process to its completion or end. TAT is like a performance indicator, it is used to measure the time taken to respond to a request.

tat full form

What is the meaning of TAT?

TAT mainly means turnaround time. It is the time interval from the beginning of a process to its completion. This means, the time taken to complete a process or to fulfill a request. TAT is placed in the category of trade.

For example – the time taken to complete a process such as repair or replacement of an appliance or component. It can be used in many situations. Because completing or finishing the work is a part of every human life and all people try to complete the work in their life.

Other full forms of TAT

We told you the full name of TAT in the field of business. But apart from this, it has many names in different areas, which also let us see one by one.

1. TAT Full Form in Accounting, Finance – Total Asset Turnover
2. TAT Full Form in Medical – Tyrosine Adrenal Thyroid
3. TAT Full Form in Psychology – Thematic Apperception Test
4. TAT Full Form in Computer Hardware – Test and Trial
5. TAT Full Form in Military and Defense – Tactical Analysis Team.

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