SSF Full Form – Salary of SSF? Full Information

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SSF Full Form

The full form of SSF is Special Security Force.

Friends, SSF means Sepecial Security Force. Friends, this is a Bangladeshi law change agency, which works to provide security to foreign people or high officials of government departments.

What is SSF (Special Security Force)

Special Security Force (SSF) is a type of Bangladeshi law enforcement agency. This agency provides special protection to government officials and foreign dignitaries.

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Special Security Force

You do not get promotion in SSF job. In SSF job, you have to work only in the rank of Havildar throughout your life. Special Security Force (SSF) works to provide special security to foreign people and high officials of government department.

The job of a Special Security Force (SSF) officer lasts for 6 to 7 hours. This job is divided into 3 shifts.

What is the mission of SSF (Special Security Force) ?

The main mission of a Special Security Force (SSF) officer is to provide exclusively physical security to the President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

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It also provides security to those people who are a very important person of Bangladesh government or have been nominated as a very important person in Bangladesh.

A Special Security Force (SSF) officer may, in collaboration with the civil administration, security and their intelligence organizations.

Use the necessary methods to prevent future threats and protect their VPIs from active threats. An SSF officer also serves to guard the VIP person’s offices and residences.

What is the history of Special Security Force (SSF)?

The establishment of a security force in Bangladesh specifically to provide physical security to VIP person was done for the first time by the then President Hussain Mohammed Ershad.

According to him, the Presidential Security Force was formed on 15 June 1986. Later, this force was renamed as a Special Security Force on 27 September 1991. coinciding with the introduction of the parliamentary system of the Government of Bangladesh.

In today’s time, under a parliamentary system, the SSF is now also responsible for the security of the Prime Minister and an SSF is allowed to arrest any wrong person without a warrant.

Where is the SSF headquarters and organization located?

The Headquarters of the Special Security Force (SSF) is located at the Prime Minister’s Office in Tej village, Dhaka, Bangladesh. An independent training complex is also located near its headquarters.

And an SSF officer resides in his own residence and co-located. The command was given by a Director General that an SSF officer should be organized into five administrative bureaus. Those five administrative bureaus are as follows:

  • Tactical support team
  • Operations and Protection Bureau
  •  Intelligence bureau
  •  Logistics bureau
  •  Training bureau
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Salary of Special Security Force (SSF)

Friends, if we talk about the salary of SSF job, then it is less than BSF, but friends, here your starting salary of SSF would be around 32000-35000, which is a good amount

Friends, some benefits are not given to you in SSF, which are given to BSF, Rashan allowance, Risk Allowance, Friends, there are no risks in SSF jobs, so reesk allowances are not given.

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SSF Job Promotion

Friends, if you talk about promotion inside SSF job, then you do not get promotion here, here you work on the basis of a sergeant for lifetime.

Conclusion(SSF Full Form)

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