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Most of the young boys of India would have a dream to join the Indian Army and serve their country by joining the army. But joining the Indian Army is not that easy.

To join the Indian Army, we have to pass many procedures. Like Written Exam, Physical Test, Interview, Medical Test is one of these SSB (Service Selection Board) will get more information about it further.

SSB Full Form

SSB Full Form : SSB Full Form is Service Selection Board. It is a Selection Board of the Government of India.

ssb full form

Whose job is to take interview of such candidates for recruitment in various armed forces. The candidate who is qualified in the written examination.

What is SSB?

SSB (Service Selection Board), Service Selection Board was established in 1963 by the Ministry of Defense, Government of India. It is an organization established to conduct the interview and selection processes of suitable candidates to become officers in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

In order to ensure that suitable candidates are selected. The Army implements a comprehensive selection process through an interview with the Services Selection Board (SSB).

The “SSB Interview” consists of a series of Psychological Personality Tests to assess the suitability of candidates for induction into the Indian Armed Forces.

How to give SSB Interview?

For SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview you have to clear written exam in Indian Army Recruitment exam conducted by Ministry of Defense, Government of India.

SSB Interview For Service Selection Board Interview you need NDA (National Defense Academy). NA (Naval Academy), CDS (Chief of Defense Staff), AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test), TES (Technical Entry Scheme), SSC (Staff Selection) Commission) and UES (University Entry Scheme) exams.

Once you qualify any one of these exams then you will get Call Letter for SSB Interview. After that you can give interview by visiting SSB Interview Center on given date and address.

What is SSB Interview?

SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview NDA (National Defense Academy), NA (Naval Academy).CDS (Chief of Defense Staff), AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test), TES (Technical Entry Scheme).SSC (Staff Selection Commission) ) and students passed from UES (University Entry Scheme) have to conduct interview. This interview is of 5 days, different tests are taken every

SSB Interview Process

As you have understood that SSB (Service Selection Board) conducts the interview to select the army officer of the country. Now we know what is SSB Interview Process? 

SSB Interview lasts from day one to five days. There is a different test every day.

Day 1 : Screening Test – Screening Test

Day 2: Psychology Test – Psychology Test

Day 3: Group Testing Officer Task

Day 4 and 5 (Day 4 and 5): Final Group Test – Final Group Test

Day 1 : Screening Test – Screening Test

Screening Test is held on the first day of SSB Interview, it consists of two tests.

Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR):

In this, 50 questions from Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning are asked to the students. In which total time is 30 minutes. That is, you have to complete 50 questions in 30 minutes.

Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT): In this, students have to look at a picture for 30 seconds. A story has to be made on that picture by seeing and understanding it. After seeing and understanding that story, they have to make up a story. This story should be related to that picture.

Day 2: Psychology Test – Psychology Test

Psychology Test is the second day of SSB Interview. This is the toughest test. It consists of four tests.

Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT) –

Thematic Appreciation Test: In the Thematic Appreciation Test, the candidate is shown 11 pictures, each picture has to be seen for 30 seconds. After seeing the picture for 30 seconds, a detail has to be prepared on that picture.

Word Association Test (WAT) –

Word Association Test: This test is a test of mental ability of the candidate. About 50-60 English words are shown in this test. A story has to be prepared through this word.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT) –

Situation Reaction Test: In Situation Reaction Test, you have to answer 60 questions in 30 minutes. This question is based on your daily life.

Self Description (SD) –

Self Description: In this, the candidate is asked questions related to his personal life.

Day 3 Group Testing Officer Task –

Group Testing Officer

The third day of SSB Interview is a five-type test by the Group Testing Officer. 

Group Discussion (GD) – Group Discussion

Group Planning Exercise (GPE) – Group Planning Exercise

Progressive Group Task (PGT) – Progressive Group Task

Half Group Task (HGT) – Half Group Task

Literature at last – literature at last

Third and Fourth Day (Day 3 and 4) Final Group Test – Final Group Test

On the third and fourth day the final group test which is your last test. These days you have IO (Individual Observation). With this, you are told the result of the last four days. The selected candidate in all these tests is sent for medical examination.

Conclusion – SSB Full Form

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FAQs – SSB Full Form 

What happens in NDA SSB?

After qualifying the exam in NDA SSB, you have to give SSB interview conducted by SSB. You can get complete information about it from this post.

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