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SI Full Form

The full form of SI In police is Sub Inspector.

S – Sub


I – Inspector

As we all know there are many full forms of SI. But among them this full form Sub Inspector Permit is the most popular. And people like to read it a lot. In this post, we will also tell you other full forms of SI.

Who is SI ( SI Full Form)?

SI  full form is “Sub-Inspector”. A sub-inspector (SI) usually commands a few policemen. A sub-inspector is ranked above an assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI) and below an inspector. Most sub-inspectors are recruited directly into the police.

The rank insignia for an SI is two stars and two red and blue stripes on the shoulder.

SI Salary

Friends, the same price salary is not available on all the states, different salary is available on all the states.

Friends, if caught according to the average, the salary of an inspector ranges from Rs 11 lakh to Rs 15 lakh every year.

In today’s time this is a very good job which everyone wants to do because you know that any job gets a fixed salary every month, it is exactly the same here but the salary is also very good.

After knowing the salary, absolutely everyone would like to do this job. But when it comes to doing any government job. You have to face a lot of competition and for this you need to prepare to become an inspector.

How to Become SI?

You must have heard that if you do it tomorrow, do it today and then do it today, i.e. if you have thought with your mind that you want to become an inspector. Then you should start preparing to become an inspector how to become SI ?

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Candidate must be a graduate from a recognized university or educational board in India. Graduate candidates are required to appear and clear the SI exam to be conducted by the Staff Selection Commission.

The candidates have to first clear the physical test, after that they qualify for the written test and after clearing the written test appear in the interview and undergo medical examination.rom now on.

Powers of SI

  • Powers of a Sub Inspector (SI) when he is posted as In-charge of the office:
  • Dispose of any unauthorized assembly of five or more persons who are disturbing the public peace.
  • Can arrest any person under section 41 and 42 CrPC.
  • He Can investigate any cognizable offense as well as arrest a person involved in a cognizable offense under sections 154, 156, 41(1A) CrPC without the order of a Magistrate.
  • Can search any property or house in the course of investigation relating to a cognizable offense under section 165 Cr.
  • Power to stop the execution of any cognizable offense and to arrest any person connected therewith under sections 149, 151 CrPC.

How to prepare for SI

If you want to become SI then you have to prepare for it but before that you should also know about its qualifications.

SI Police Qualifications

If you also want to join the police force, then you should also know about the qualifications for which we are giving you the information below.

1. Age Limit – For the post of Sub-Inspector (SI), your age limit in the general category is 18 to 25 years. But there is also some relaxation in the maximum age according to different categories. There is also a relaxation of 5 years for ST and SC candidates, while this relaxation is 3 years for OBC category.

2. Educational Qualification – It is necessary for you to be a graduate in any stream.

3.Physical Ability – For this your height is 5 feet 6 inches, and chest should be 79 to 84. But this is not applicable for women and the length for women is 157 cm.

4. For this you need to be physically healthy. 

SI Exam Pattern

To become an SI in most of the states in the Government of India. A candidate has to pass three levels of examination, written examination in the first level, physical efficiency in the second level. And interview in some states in the third level. We are giving you information about these exams below.

1. Once the advertisement is issued candidates are called for PET and PST.

2. For Physical Efficiency Test, 1600 meters run and 20 pushups are done in PET in 6:30 minutes.

3. When your physical efficiency test is done, then successful candidates are also called for written examination which is OMR based graduation level examination. Syllabus varies from state to state, some states have two papers and some have one.

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4. When you clear the written test then you are called for Viva.

5. After Viva Viva the candidates go for medical checkup and verification of (documents).

6. When this test and verification is done then they join their zone police headquarters.

7. After some time they go to the State Police Academy for training.

There may be some local variation in all the qualifications mentioned to you like there is no interview for you to become an SI in Delhi. And you have to pass the CPO, CPO SC Sc and SI SI exams which are conducted at the national level. goes. So if you want to get accurate information about it, then visit the website of the state police.

Salary of Sub Inspector?

Friends, let me tell here that the salary of the sub inspector of all the states is not the same, different states get different salaries, but friends, here we are going to know in some average way how much is the salary of this sub inspector. 

Friends, if caught according to the average, the salary of a sub inspector ranges from 35 thousand to 55 thousand rupees every month.

FAQ’S Related to SI

What is SI Full Form in Physics ?

The full form of SI in Physics is  International System of Units.

What is SI Full Form in Medical?

The full form of SI in Medical is Saline Infusion.

What is SI Full Form in Insurance?

The fulll form of SI in Insurance is Sum Insured.

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