SDM Full Form – How to Become SDM ? Salary Full Details

SDM Full Form: Hello friends, there is a need of a sub-divisional judge in all the districts of the country, for which an SDM officer is appointed in every district. Because the SDM is monitoring all kinds of ground works and business in his district. And takes decisions on its own accord.

This is a very respectable post for which the salary is also good. But do you know about SDM, because if your dream is to become an SDM. Then for that you should have complete knowledge about SDM.

SDM Full Form

Through this post, I will give you SDM Full Form, who is SDM.What is the work of SDM, how to become SDM Officer. What does it take to become an SDM, what facilities are available from the government after becoming an SDM, SDM How much is the salary and I will give more information. So do read this post completely.

SDM Full Form : 

The full form of SDM is “Sub Divisional Magistrate”. SDM is also called “Sub Divisional Judge”.

Sub Divisional Magistrate , SDM full form
Sub Divisional Magistrate

The post of SDM is big, he is given many powers, due to which it is also called a powerful post.

Who is SDM (SDM Full Form) ?

In any district, the most powerful DM is there, he gets all the rights, the same authority is with the SDM at the divisional level. Many works in the district are controlled by the SDM..

They do many things like conducting elections in the district, imposing lockdown, issuing licences etc. Because SDM is a powerful post, so SDM also gets a lot of salary, along with the salary, many facilities are also available from the government.

Duties of SDM

Sub Divisional Magistrate which is abbreviated as SDM. There is an SDM in every district, who takes care of all the land business in the district as well as maintains the accounts of all the land in the district. The SDM exercises direct control over all the Tehsildars present in their subdivision..

Apart from this, the work of an SDM is to get marriage registration done, to do many types of registration. To issue license, to renew, to get elected members of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha in the states, to issue certificates and many more powers with the SDM of a district. Is. In addition to all this, the SDM performs various judicial functions under the imposition of curfew in the district, the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 and several minor acts.

How to Become SDM Officer ?

Recruitment to the posts of SDM is done by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and the Public Service Commission of the states, i.e. To become an SDM, you have to be successful in either UPSC or PCS examination.

Both these exams are conducted in three parts, out of which the first and second part are in written form and the third part is of interview. After clearing the written test, you have to be successful in the interview as well.

Friends, every state has its own commission which conducts this civil services examination. SDM is the biggest post in the civil services examination of the state. Any student who is successful in this examination is directly appointed to the post of SDM.

The same students who get success in the UPSC exam become an IAS officer and the first posting that an IAS officer gets during training is that of an SDM.

Friends, now it depends on you which exam you want to give. It is not easy to crack both the exams, for this you will have to work very hard.

Educational Qualification to become SDM

To become an SDM, you have to get a graduation degree from any recognised university. You will be able to apply for this post only after completing graduation.

Age Limit to become SDM

There is a different age limit for each category to appear for the SDM exam.

  •  Age Limit: 21 Years to 40 Years for General Category
  •  For Other Backward Classes: 21 Years to 45 Years
  •  Age Limit 21 Years to 45 Years for SC & ST
  •  Age Limit for PWD 21 Years to 55 Years

Salary and benefits of SDM

SDM is a powerful post, due to which an SDM gets good salary as well as respect and respect. The salary of an SDM is around 55 thousand and they also get many facilities from the government.

The SDM gets the vehicle and driver from the government.

Home to live and guards for security, servants to work in the house also meet from the side of the government.

The government bears all the bills like mobile bill, water bill etc.

The government makes arrangements for good accommodation for his stay when he goes out of government work.

Leave is also given for further studies.

What did you learn today (SDM Full Form).

In this post you have learnt SDM full form , Salary of SDM. Also you have learnt Qualifications required for becoming SDM , Benefits of becoming SDM, Age limit and many more things about SDM.

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