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RTO Full Form

The full form of RTO is Regional Transport Office.

R – Regional


T – Transport


O – Office

rto full form
Regional Transport Office

As we all know there are many full forms of RTO. But  among them this full form Regional Transport Office is the most popular. And people like to read it a lot. In this post, we will also tell you other full forms of RTO.

What Is RTO And Work Of RTO?

The work of RTO is to take care of everything related to Transport. RTO offices are found in all the districts of India and all of them are given their own code.

If you see a car going, then behind it you will see a special and unique number written on its number plate, this number is given by RTO.

If you keep the information about the correct codes of numbers, then you get to know about that vehicle to a great extent. You can easily get the state and district information from the vehicle number.

RTO’s office is in every district of every state, people who have their own vehicle or vehicle. They have to go to RTO office and get some documents of the vehicle, in which Vehicle Registration, Driving License, Pollution Test, and Insurance are important. Let’s get some other information about R.T.O.

About Vehicle Number Plate

If we check the number plate on the back of any vehicle, then we can easily get to know who is the owner of that particular vehicle and which district the vehicle belongs to, its states.

Friends, any vehicle consumer of India gets their vehicles registered in this RTO office and it is very important for every vehicle consumer.

In today’s time, it is well known that many people buy second hand vehicles, in such a situation, let’s assume that if we drive any vehicle for a few days and sell it later, then the paper of that vehicle is in our name.

It has to be transferred in the name of the person buying it and this is done by the RTO office. Friends, not only the registration of vehicles is done in the RTO office.

Apart from this, there are many other things that are done by the RTO office, so let us now know about it.

What are the main functions of RTO?

If a person buys a new vehicle, then he has to go to the RTO office and get some important documents of the vehicle made.

Not only are the vehicles registered in the RTO’s office, but Driver’s Licences are also made for the driver of the vehicle. Along with this, RTO also collects Road Tax. The work of RTO also includes insurance of vehicles and testing of their pollution.


Pollution Test

Driving License

Vehicle Registration

1. Insurance

Insurance of vehicles is also provided through RTO. If you want to get your vehicle insured, then you have to visit the RTO office. However, apart from this, all the work like road tax, fitness of vehicles etc. is also done under RTO.

2. Pollution Test

Pollution Level Test of vehicles is done by RTO. If any vehicle is causing more pollution then RTO can cancel its license. 

3. Driving License

RTO Controls a database which contains information related to the vehicle and the driver. Giving Driving License is the job of RTO. RTO provides driving license to the vehicle holder after taking some driving test.

4. Vehicle Registration

Registration Number is mandatory for every vehicle owner because driving without number is a legal offense. New vehicles are registered in the RTO office and a number is given to the vehicle.

State wise RTO Codes?

There is an RTO officer in all the states and there is a unique code for each RTO.

Many person who has information about RTO, then that person can find out by looking at the number plate on the back of any vehicle, which state the vehicle belongs to and which district it belongs to.

It must have been seen in the number plate on the back of any vehicle that 2 alphabet is written and it is according to the two alphabet states.

The number plate of the vehicle is something like this “AA-00-A-0000”

How To Become RTO Officer?

Here now we are going to know that if you want to do job in RTO officer, then which post is there?

If seen in RTO officer, then basically there are many types of job but at most 3 post comes out. 

Clerk post

Assistant engineer post

Judicial post

These are three posts that you can do in RTO.

Eligibility to become an RTO Officer?

Friends, there is no need of any kind of huge degree to become this RTO officer, even if you are only 10th pass, still you can do this job.

If you want to get high post in RTO then your qualification should be completed Graduation from recognized University.

Both men and women can apply in this RTO post.

Qualification for RTO Post?

In RTO post, most of the students of mechanical, only engineering or automobile are taken in polytechnical because this RTO officer is a traffic control office job.

If you want to apply in RTO post, then your age limit should be from 21 to 30 years.

There is a relaxation of up to 3 years for OBC candidates and up to 5 years for ST/SC.

How to become an RTO Officer?

Many such posts keep coming out in RTO and those posts come out directly by the state government. 

It is very easy to apply for RTO post and if you are a little bit in the field of automobile technical or engineering then it becomes a little easier for you to get selected in the job. 

After applying for the RTO post, two exams have to be given, a written test and an interview exam

In which you have to qualify and along with it a physical test is also taken.

There is an exam of 200 marks in the written exam and this exam is of 2 hours.

What is the salary of RTO?

After working in RTO, you are given very good cough salary.

Friends, any person, salary should be known before doing any job because we all want that whatever salary we get and with that our family expenses can be easily met.

Friends, working in RTO gives salary ranging from 20,000 to 50,000.

Conclusion – RTO Full Form

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