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RT PCR Full Form

The full form of RT-PCR is Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction. A person’s reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test is done to find out whether the virus is present in the body or not.

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Reverse Transcription Polymers Chain Reaction

For this, a sample is taken from the person’s respiratory tract, throat swab or the back of the nose. It takes 12 to 24 hours to get its report.

What is RT PCR ?

Corona virus is once again spreading rapidly in many states of the country. The situation has become very critical in many cities. With this, the discussion of RT PCR test has started once again.

Many states have made RT PCR test mandatory, that is, if someone moves from one state to another, he will have to get his RT PCR test done first. Let us know what is this test and how is it done.

What is RT PCR Test ?

RT PCR Test i.e. Reverse Transcription Polymers Chain Reaction Test. Through this test, the virus is detected in the person’s body.

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It can generally take 6 to 8 hours for the RT PCR test report to come. Sometimes it can take longer than that. RT PCR test is able to detect the presence of virus in your body.

This is the reason that even though some people do not show symptoms of corona virus, this test comes positive. Whether any symptoms of the virus will appear in the future, or how serious the virus can take, it is not known through RT PCR test.

Doctors say that no special preparation is required for this test, but if you are taking any special medicine, decoction or herb, then give the sample only after consulting a specialist.So that those things do not affect the report.

If the test results are positive, the person is isolated for a few days or can also be admitted to the hospital. Whereas negative report means that there is no presence of virus in the body.

Why is RT-PCR test done?

  1. To detect any particular type of virus present in the body such as influenza, SARS COVID 2 or Covid 19.
  2. For detecting cancer or tumor in the RNA happening in the blood.
  3. To detect certain types of genetic diseases.
  4. The RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) test has been in high demand in India since the beginning of the pandemic. Many experts consider it the most effective test for detecting the Covid-19 virus in human cells.
  5. The RT-PCR test can detect acute infection of the coronavirus but cannot tell whether a person has recovered from COVID-19 or was infected with COVID-19 in the past.
  6. In this test, a small amount of DNA is taken from the person through a swab. The swab can be either nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal, which means it can be sampled from both the nose and throat.
  7. This sample is sent for RT-PCR test, which involves several steps to convert RNA into viral DNA. This test is specific to check for COVID-19 infection. If a person tests positive, it means that they have COVID-19.
  8. Private labs and government facilities process samples and share reports with customers as well as within 24 hours of sample collection from the Indian Council.

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