POS Full Form – What is Point of Sale?

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POS Full Form

POS Full Form name is Point of Sale, whose full name in Hindi language is ‘Sale Center’. It is a type of place, shop or store at which the work of selling goods is done. Point of Sale is like a computer which is used for making cashless payments.

pos full form

However, through this not only transaction work can be done. But purchase receipt can also be given to the customers. You can find use of this machine in many places. Since with its help you can count money quickly, so it is mostly used by cashiers to count money.

As we all know there are many full forms of POS. But among them this full form Point of Sale is the most popular. And people like to read it a lot. In this post, we will also tell you other full forms of POS.

What is POS?-POS Full Form

Point of Sale is a type of computerized machine which is used to count cash and also for other purchase related tasks like making purchase receipt.

POS is now being used in place of Cash Register. Through this, the work of reading Debit / Credit Card, confirming the purchase and making receipt of the goods of the customers etc. is done. However, its function also depends on the business and type of work.

Functions of POS-

The functions of POS vary according to the business location and function. We have given below the functions of POS-

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1. Debit/Credit Card Processing
2. Receiving Payments
3. Making Purchase Receipts
4. Creating Inventory

Apart from these four functions, the work of POS Machine also changes according to the type of store and the nature of the business. If seen, the POS installed at a ration shop and petrol pump is different from the terminal system but its structure and functions are the same.

POS Achitecture

As we have told you that POS is a Computerized Electronic Machine, this machine works to relieve the retail traders from the trouble of big lines, this machine is made by mixing POS hardware and software.

POS Machine – System and Types

POS machines make many of your tasks easy and different POS machines come with different features. Therefore, while buying a POS machine, you should buy a POS machine keeping in mind the needs of your work. Now we are going to tell you how many types of POS machines are there depending on the system.

Mobile Point of Sale (POS) System

It is a POS system that works through Smartphone App or Tablet. It is mainly used to process payments, keep inventory and customer information. This system can also be accompanied by a portable receipt printer. This type of pass billing machine is used by Freelance or Contract Workers, Farmer Vendors, Street Vendors etc.

Tablet Point of Sale (POS) System

It is a simple POS system that can be set up using a tablet or an iPad. This is a cheap POS system, for this you need to buy a tablet or iPad and its accompanying software or app. This type of pass system is used by mobile vendors, small restaurants, gift shops, small retail stores, pizza places, cafes, juice junctions, ice cream parlors, salons etc.

Terminal Point of Sale (POS) System

You will find this type of system in any shop in big malls. These types of systems are hardware and software-based systems as they include cloud-based software, cash drawers, barcode scanners, etc. This type of POS system is established by those shopkeepers where there is a crowd of customers.

Self Service Point of Sale (POS) System

As the name suggests, this type of POS system is installed for a specific purpose and can be operated by the customer himself. For example, a movie theater may have a service kiosk for movie tickets that is based on a self-service point of sale (POS) system.

How does POS system work?

It is important for any trader to understand the basic workings of the POS system and to be aware of the implementation process. No trader can be successful without practical knowledge. Therefore it is necessary to have practical knowledge of the working of pos machine.

A POS system does some basic work everywhere. On the basis of these functions all types of POS systems are dependent. This work is as follows.

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Knowledge of Setup – The first thing to do is to setup the right type of POS system according to the need of the business and nature. This setup includes both hardware and software. Must have knowledge of software used in POS system.

Programming – In order to make a POS system workable on a business basis, the POS software has to be told about the product, menu, inventory items. This work is also made available by the software providers, who prepare and give the software according to the need of the business.

Payment – ​​Merchant account is required to take payment through credit card, debit card and electronic means. Therefore, the trader should also keep this in mind. And this work should also be done before setting up the POS system.

Installation – It is very important to have all the necessary equipment in the right place to make the whole system work properly. Otherwise, technical errors start coming. Therefore it is necessary to connect the equipment in the right place in the proper way. One should not shy away from taking the help of the system provider for this work.

Training – New features and updates are coming from time to time. And the rules of the government also keep changing. Therefore, the best way to stay safe from all these troubles is to keep yourself updated. For this training is given by the company, it should be kept on taking it.

Conclusion – POS Full Form

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