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PLC Full Form In today’s post, we will tell about the full form of PLC. If you also need detailed information about PLC Full Form. Then this post of ours will prove to be very useful for you.

Although you will find many articles in Google, where PLC Full Form would have been told.But in this article you will get information about all important full forms of PLC. Let’s know about the Full Form Of PLC

PLC Full Form In Computer

The full form of PLC is a programmable logic controller.

P – Programmable


L – Logic


C – Controller.

plc full form
Programmable Logic Controller.

A program controller is a digital computer, which is an industrial computer control system, that continuously monitors the status of a given input device. Simultaneously, it makes decisions through a custom program to control the status of the output device.

It is used in the automation of electromechanical processes such as control of machinery on adjustment line of industrial sector or factory factory, amusement of rides or lighting fixtures etc.

Full Form of PLC in Real Estate

The other full form of PLC is Preferential Location charges.

P – Preferential


L –  Location


C –  Charges

It is linked to the real estate sector sector. This is kind of an additional charge. Which is levied on the sale of any house or residence. Because of this, there is an additional charge on the pocket of the home buyer.


PLC Full Form in Company

The next full form of PLC is Private Limited Company. It is in a way such companies, which are known as private businesses. The shares of a private limited company cannot be publicly traded. At least two people are required to start a Private Limited Company.

PLC  Full Form

The other full form of PLC is Public Limited Company.

These companies are known as public companies. Such a company has the right of its shareholders and the government. The shares of such a company can also be publicly traded. At least 7 people are required to set up a Public Limited Company.

PLC Full Form Marketing

The full form of PLC is Product life cycle in the field of marketing. This is called the life cycle of a product in Hindi. This is a marketing principle.

It helps to segment the sequence of marketing strategies, or the life span of a marketing product or brand. It is used by all types of institutions for marketing. So that more and more people know about their product or service and their sales increase.

PLC Full Form in Community

The full form of PLC is the professional learning community in the community. 

Professional learning community is a method of promoting collaborative learning among colleagues in a particular work area or environment.

Often it is used in schools or other educational institutions as a form of practice-based learning to organize teachers into work groups or classes..

Features of PLC –

In today’s world of the industrial Internet of Things (iIoT), and Industry 4.0 programmable controllers are enabled to communicate data via web browsers, connect to databases via SQL, and even to cloud data via MQTT are asked to connect.

An all-in-one PLC integrates the controller with the HMI panel, creating a compact, easy-to-use automation solution. Users no longer need to install PLC for panel communication and can program both ladder logic. And HMI design in the same software environment. The all-in-one approach saves time, minimizes wiring, and cuts the cost of purchasing multiple devices.

What are the advantages of PLC?

Advantages of PLC The first advantage of PLC is that it works on Low Power Consumption. PLC Full Form

  1. It automates our system.
  2. ManPower is less, due to which money is also less.
  3. In this we do not need to change the wire, we only have to change the program.
  4. Its working speed is very high and it also saves our time.

Conclusion –

Hope you have liked this post PLC Full Form, because in this post I have given information about all the full forms of PLC, which will prove to be very useful for you.


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