PIB Full Form- What is PIB India?

PIB Full Form: What is the full form of PIB? What is PIB? What are its functions, etc., in detail information?

PIB does all kinds of work related to public relations of the Government of India. Its task is to give information about all the welfare schemes of the central government. It works in many languages. So that people of different regions living in India can provide information in their language. Let us first tell you about PIB Full Form.

PIB Full Form

The full form of PIB is Press Information Bureau.

P: Press
I: Information
B: Bureau

pib full form

What is PIB?

PIB i.e. Press Information Bureau is the major agency for informing newspapers (print media) and electronic media about the policies, programs and achievements of the Government of India.

It accesses information through press releases, press notes, special articles, reference materials, press briefings, photographs, interviews, press conferences, press visits and the website of the office.

After this, information reaches the general public through newspapers, TV news channels and news portals. In a way, this agency does the work of public relations for the Government of India.

Role of PIB

Public relations are of utmost importance in the system of democratic governance. Because with the help of this, the government does the work of making the general public aware of its schemes. For this, PIB is recruited from time to time for Public Relations Officer, Correspondent, Cameraman, Photographer, Technician etc.

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History of PIB

PIB was formed in 1919. Before independence, the press commissioner of the British government. Along with establishing a cordial relationship with the media, tried to connect the public with the government.

On the lines of this, the Government of India established the Central Board of Information after independence. Then later its name was changed to Press Information Bureau (PIB). This bureau is popularly known as PIB. It works under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

The Press Officer has an important role in PIB. Who establishes contact with the media. PIB not only provides information, news and features, but also provides relevant and addressed images to media organizations.

The head of the PIB is known as the Chief Information Officer. Which also gives advice to the central government in matters related to the press.

Head Office of PIB

Its headquarter is located at National Media Centre, New Delhi.

PIB Meaning

The full name of PIB is Press Information Bureau. Whose meaning in Hindi is letter information office. In this way the meaning of PIB is letter information office.

Objective of PIB

Its main purpose is to make the information about the policy and schemes of the central government known to the public through the media. So that the general public can get information about the schemes of the Government of India and the public can take advantage of them.

What is the website of PIB?

The official website of PIB is www.pib.nic.in.

Conclusion (PIB Full Form)

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