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PHC Full Form: Hello Friends, What is PHC? If you are from the field of biology then you must have heard about PHC at some point or the other. You know very well how much population of our India country is. And it becomes a bit difficult to reach health service to all the people. In such a situation PHC provides health service to those people.

If you do not have much information about PHC, then today through this post we will give you PHC full Form  what is PHC, what is the work of PHC etc. through this post you will give information related to PHC, then you will read this post carefully. Read it.

PHC Full Form

Full form of PHC “Primary Health Center” . It is also called Public Health Center.

phc full form
Primary Health Care

Primary Health Center is a health center run by the state governments to take care of health in rural areas of India.

What is PHC

It has been made to provide health services in rural areas of India. Because we know very well that India is a developing country and most of the population still lives in villages.  So they have to face difficulties if they do not get health services at the right time.

There are many such rural areas which are still very backward, where there is no treatment center far and wide, so PHC does the work of providing health services to them.

Primary health center is considered as the basic unit of health care system in India. It mostly consists of a rural health nurse or also called ASHA.

These rural health nurses often go to the patient’s homes to take care of them or provide health services, when the patient needs more treatment, then he is brought to the primary health center to be checked by the medical officer.

Under the National Rural Health Mission, PHC is being increased rapidly, there are around 23000 primary health centers in India. Most of the workers in PHC are nurses, paramedical staff, and some medical officers.

PHC is always ready to provide health care to the people. There are 516 centers for child immunization and so on inside each PHC.

What is the meaning of PHC

The meaning of PHC in India is a health care community that provides health services to the people. You must have MBBS degree to run PHC in India.

When did PHC come?

The World Health Organization, also known as the World Health Organization (WHO), has been established to provide care through health-related cooperation in all countries around the world. 

According to the Alma Aata Declaration by this organization. PHC was established in 1978 to remove the health problems of the people. And to provide them affordable, accessible and available health care. According to WHO, it is necessary to have a primary health center in a population of 30,000.

Programs run by PHC

In India, the primary health center pays attention to almost all types of health services, some of them are prominent –

Birth control program

In the birth control program organized by the government of our country. The primary health center gives its special contribution, as well as provides services like vasectomy, tubectomy surgery etc. The Government of India also provides subsidy to the Primary Health Center to conduct this programme.

Infant vaccination program

The primary health center plays an important role in immunizing the new born babies in rural areas. And for doing so the health center is also subsidized by the government.

Pregnancy Related Care

Primary health center plays an important role in taking care of pregnant women in rural areas. Because there are many rural areas where pregnant women face a lot of difficulties. If they do not get medical treatment at the right time. They also work to provide medical facilities at the right time to the women.

Epidemic Prevention Program

Whenever any kind of epidemic is seen increasing at the local level. The doctor of the primary health center is given training to save. And treat the villagers from that epidemic so that he can treat the villagers well from that epidemic.

Emergency situation

Whenever there is an emergency situation in rural areas . The primary health center plays an important role in that situation. Because in rural areas, there is a danger of mostly wild animals and sometimes health related problems on the villagers due to the bite of these animals.

For this reason, primary health centers keep rabies injections in abundance with them so that in case of emergency, they can give injections at the right time to the patient and provide them other health services.

Functions of PHC

PHC works on eight elements of primary health care. Functions of PHC –

  1. Health education
  2. Provision of medical care
  3. National health program
  4. Prevention and control of diseases
  5. Referral services
  6. Health GuidesTraining
  7. Health assistant training
  8. Collection and reporting of required data
  9. Training of health workers etc.

Conclusion – PHC Full Form

in this post, we have provided you all kinds of information about the subject of PHC. In this post you got to know about PHC Full Form , what is PHC, when PHC was established, functions of PHC, full form of PHC.

You must have got all kinds of information in this post, I hope you must have got to learn something in this PHC Full Form post. If you have any kind of question related to PHC in your mind then you can ask by commenting.

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