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PG Full Form – The topic of today’s post is that what is the full form of PG. Right now you may also be getting confused that which PG Ki Full Form we will tell you, so here we will.

Secondly, we will tell you about the full form of PG Hostel. These two full forms are very important. Quite a lot are also used in everyday life. Especially if you are a student or do a job, then you must know the full form of PG.

For the time being, I will tell you the full form of many PG in this article, but these are the two full forms of PG, about which I will tell you in detail, these are important.

PG Full Form in Education

The full form of PG in the field of education is Post Graduate (PG- Post Graduate). Post graduate is also called post graduate in Hindi. Let us now tell the meaning of PG in the field of education.

PG full form :

Meaning of PG is post graduate course i.e. post graduate course. If a person has done a bachelor degree such as BA followed by MA, then he is a post graduate. In this way, the meaning or meaning of PG is postgraduate.

What is PG ?

PG is a post graduation program in the field of education. Which can be done after qualifying the undergraduate program. PG is also called master’s degree program. Its duration is mostly 2 years.

Let me tell you about some PG courses.

PG in Medical

PG in Film Making

PG in Drawing

PG in Painting

PG in Journalism

PG in Mass Communication 

PG in Travel Tourism

PG in Hotel Management 

PG in Finance

PG in Rural Development

PG in Engineering

PG in Commerce

PG in Hindi 

PG in History

PG in English

PG in Education

Now you must have come to know about what is PG. Let us now tell you that how you can do PG

How to do Post Graduate ?

Any candidates who want to do PG course, then it is necessary that those candidates should have UG i.e. graduation with the same subject. For example, suppose if you want to do PG in Mathematics, then you should also have Mathematics subject in UG i.e. graduation.

PG is in a way a specialization course in the same subject. After PG, you can also do PhD. After doing PhD, you can make a career in the field of research and teaching. At present it is not necessary to do PhD after PG. You can do job even after completing PG. Let us now tell you the full form in the field of PG Hostel.

PG Full Form in Hostel

In the field of PG hostel, the full form is Paying Guest PG- (Paying Guest). Paying guest means hostel in a way. Where you take a room or room or flat on rent and there you also get all the facilities you need. Such as food, bed, fan, water and more are available as per the need.

Usually PG people take during their studies, when they move from their city to another city to study. Then there they need a room to live. There are also two types of PG. One is Boys PG in which only boys can stay.

There is also another girl PG, in which only girls also live. There are many rooms in the PG. In which if you want, you can take the room on rent alone, but its cost will be more. That’s why most of the people prefer to take sharing PG only. In which 3 to 4 people live in a room.

Friends, now you have come to know about PG Full Form . You must have come to know about 2 important full forms of PG. Let me now tell you about other full forms of PG as well, but it is not that important. Still, for the sake of information, I am telling you.

All Other PG Full Form :

PG- Petroleum Gas 

PG- Pressure Gas

PG- Pattern Generator

PG- Petrol Generator

PG- Project Group

PG- Pressure Gauge

PG- Percutaneous Gastrostomy

PG – Professional Geologist

PG- Processing Gain

PG – Pin Gauge

PG- Proving Ground 

PG – Prostaglandin

PG- Propylene Glycol

PG- Peer Group

PG- Proteoglycan

PG- Picogram

PG- Process Gas

PG- Pepsinogen

PG- Pyoderma Gangrenosum

PG- Projective Geometry

PG- Plasma Gun

PG- Phosphogypsum

PG- Protective Guideline

PG- Parity Game

PG- Pharmacopeia Germanica

Top PG Courses in India

There are many PG courses  in India but these are main pg courses which are as follows :

1. Master of Arts

2. Master of  Science

3. Master of Law

4. Master of Fine Arts

5. Master of commerce

6. Master of health science.

7. Master of library science

8. Master of communication and journalism

9. Master of labour management

10. Master of human resource management

PG Course Duration.

The time duration of PG course is 2 years, many universities and institutes are available in India through UGC, which is your 4 semesters in 2 year course.

Hope you have liked this post PG Full Form in Hindi, because in this post I have told about all the full forms of PG, which will prove to be very useful for you.

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