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What is the full form of PAC?

PAC full form – The full form of PAC is Provincial Armed Constabulary in English and it is called Provincial Armed Force in Hindi. It is an armed police force of the state of Uttar Pradesh. PAC is deployed in special circumstances by the state government of Uttar Pradesh to maintain law and order.

History of PAC

PAC was established on 1st October 1926.

Selection Process of PAC:

The selection of PAC jawans is through the UP Police exam conducted by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Only a small number of candidates who clear this police recruitment exam conducted by Uttar Pradesh are selected for the post of PAC

Where are the duties of PAC imposed

Where the duty of PS is imposed, they are as follows-

  • The duties of PAC are imposed in the protection of VIP, VVIP people.
  • The duty of PAC is also imposed for the protection and maintenance of any festival or fair.
  • The duty of PAC is also imposed in the care and security of the government treasury.
  • In case of possibility of terrorist attack and riots etc., the duty of PAC is imposed there.
  • Most of the tasks of the PAC are assigned to natural and domestic disasters, special events, festivals, elections, threat of terrorist attack, riot situation.
  • The PAC also performs the task of maintaining peace and law and order in the state under various circumstances.

Functions of PAC :-

Above I told you that where the duty of a PAC is imposed. The work they do in the areas where their duty is imposed is the same as any other type of officer like CID, CRPF. Friends, there are many functions of PAC, the tasks they do are as follows-

  • It is their job to protect VIP and VVIP people.
  • Protecting the government treasury is also the job of a PAC.
  • Their work is also to look after and protect any festival, fair.
  • PAC is put in place in case of threat of terrorist attack and riots etc.
  • It is their responsibility to maintain peace and law and order throughout the state and this is also one of their tasks.

How many holidays are available in PAC :-

Friends, a person working in PAC is given 60-70 holidays every year by the government, that is, if you are working in PAC, then in 1 year you can take 60 to 70 holidays. You can take these holidays at any time of the year.

Salary of PAC :-

A PAC officer is provided the same salary as a civil police, but he is also given some rupees separately, due to which his salary is slightly higher. If we talk about the salary of a PAC officer, then salary is provided between ₹ 27000 to ₹ 30000 (27k – 30k) per month.

 Other full form of PAC:

  •  Political Action Committee
  •  Public Affairs Council
  •  Programmable Automation Controller
  •  Presentation-Abstraction-Control
  •  Pulmonary Artery Catheterization
  •  Plasma Arc Cutting
  •  Prince Alfred College
  •  Perceptual Audio Coding

Conclusion – PAC Full Form

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