OTT Full Form – What is OTT Platform? Full Details

OTT full form – Every one of you must have heard the word OTT many times but you will hardly know about it. So in this post I will tell you OTT Full Form and OTT Platform what? I will give complete information about it in this post.

Anyway, you must have watched online videos and web series. So that’s where the word originated. Whether a new web series comes or if a movie is released online, then people use this word. So what is OTT Platform Full Form, let’s know everything about it.

OTT Full Form

So the full form of OTT is “OVER-THE-TOP” . This means that the medium through which a new show or movie comes on the online platform is called OTT means.

ott full form

OTT provides its service through ISP. The data contained in it is shown by the ISP through the website or application to which you have subscribed. So the word OTT is used as a phrase for online distribution of web series, videos or movies through the Internet.

OTT Platform What is it? (What Is OTT)

In today’s era, the progress of OTT has increased to a great extent. At this time the use of OTT has increased a lot in India as well as abroad.

Here you should know that OTT is what you call over-the-top. This is a medium through which you can easily watch web series, movies and online content from home.

For this you neither have to go to any hall nor do you need any umbrella or cable connection. First OTT was started in America.

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OTT Platforms In India

As I told you just now, the use of OTT is increasing very fast in India, so many external and Indian companies have started working in this area and they are also working well. So let’s know, which are the most popular OTT platforms in India?


Is it India, Netflix is ​​a very popular company in the whole world, which delivers things like web series, movies, online content etc. to the people through its app and website.

In this, you just have to pay a little monthly money and you can watch all types of services available on it like web series, movies etc.

Amazon Prime:

This is also a very OTT platform in India. Many types of web series, shows, cartoons and similar interesting things will be found here. Well this is an American company. Read the rest of this post Who is the owner of Amazon? Will know.


This is another famous company running in India where the content of all OTT platform will be available. In this you can live TV, Live cricket, TV Shows, Indian TV Show…

Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD): In this type of service, you will get all the videos for free but you will have to watch some promotional ads while watching it. Which keeps coming in the middle of the video. You get to see this type of service in MX player.

OTT Platform Services Benefits

  1. Where people need a cable TV connection or DTH connection to watch TV shows and movies or any favorite program, now people can watch their favorite shows whenever they want using just internet connectivity.
  2.  Web series, documentaries and whatever content people watch on the OTT platform are all original. Which does not happen in any platform.
  3.  There are some OTT platforms that create and put their own content or series, these are some OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.
  4.  People have got a lot of convenience through this technology. Because people can do whatever they want to use the OTT app whenever they want.
  5.  In today’s time people are buying devices like smart TV, smart phone and tablet instead of TV ie television.The main reason for this is OTT platform itself, because people now connect OTT on these devices and watch these shows in it.
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OTT Platform Prices in India

Hotstar :

It offers 2 types of subscription models in India. In which the first is Hotstar Premium with unlimited ad-free access, which costs Rs 999 per year and Rs 299 per month. And the other is Hotstar VIP, which costs Rs 365 per year, which provides ad-free limited content.

Netflix :

To its advantage, Netflix last year introduced the cheapest smartphone-cable plan for users at Rs 199 per month in the Indian market. At present, its subscription service is Rs 799 per month for 4 devices and Rs 649 per month for 2 devices.

Amazon Prime Video:

Currently, the subscription price of this OTT platform is Rs 129 per month and Rs 999 per year. Those who subscribe to it also get associated with Amazon Prime Music.


It is currently one of the cheapest subscriptions in India with premium service for Rs 100 for 3 months and Rs 300 for a year.

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Conclusion (OTT Full Form)

So this was OTT Full Form and what is  OTT Platform. I told you about this in this post. Hope you have got all types of questions related to this. If you have any question in your mind regarding OTT Platform Full Form then you can ask me.

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