OSD Full Form – Salary of OSD Officer ?

OSD Full Form- Hello friends, have you ever heard about ‘OSD’, or know about it, it may be that you have ever heard about OSD. But what do you know what is the full form of OSD and what is it? What does OSD mean?

Friends, if you do not know the full form and meaning of OSD. Then you do not need to worry, because many people do not know the full form of OSD in today’s time.

In such a situation, today we will tell you OSD full form, OSD Full Form In Hindi through this post and are going to give you all the important information related to it.

Before knowing about it, first of all let us know what is the full form of OSD?

OSD Full Form

Full form of OSD– Officer on Special Duty




osd full form
Officer On Special Duty

Friends, OSD is said to be the appointment of officers made by the Government of India or the State Government to do confidential work in the administrative service.

Whenever an officer is selected for any special work by the Government of India or the State Government. Then that officer is called ‘OSD’ i.e. ‘Officer on Special Duty’.

You should be aware that there is no post of OSD in the Indian government or state government. For this any government officer is selected for some period of time according to his performance.

What is the job of OSD officer?

Friends, most of the time people think that OSD means that the ‘Officer on Special Duty’ is always selected only for confidential work. Everyone is aware of confidential work, which we always as a Detective.Or see working as an agent who works for the Government of India.

But in reality, it is not so, you should be aware that it is not like that at all. OSD can be posted at any time for any post and work, when needed. OSD is recruited in the post and when the work is done, the limit of the post ends.

Most of the time, the officer is also selected as an OSD. So that he can know everything about the work and information of other fields.And can be afforded, not being limited to the information bus of his field.

So that if needed, they can be sent to other departments at any time to do the necessary work.

Apart from this, whenever or many times an officer is promoted. At that time, he has to be sent to a higher post. Then for that too the officer is sent on special duty for the training of that post.

How to Become OSD officer?

Till date, there have been many such officers in India who have been sent on special duty from time to time and have been sent, will be sent as OSD even further.

In the Civil Services, it is taken care that for sending any officer to ‘OSD’, they have to take care of mainly two things.

  1. Whenever an officer, while in his post, does a special and good work for the government, then he becomes dear to the government, then it becomes easy for him to choose the government for OSD.
  2. Along with this, whenever there is a responsibility of any kind of special task on the government. Then in that situation, it fulfills that task completely by sending some officer as OSD.
  3. Till now there have been many such officers in India who have served as OSD. And they have been sent for OSD. Let us know the names of some of them famous officers-

Durga Shakti Nagpal

Salman Khurshid

Gautam Sanyal

Deshpati Srinivas

All these officers have been selected for special duty by the government so far, who have done many special duty tasks.

What is OSD Stands For

The term OSD stands for Officer on special duty. its related to security & defense.

OSD Full Form iIn Government

The terms which is used in the osd as the office of the security defense

OSD officer Salary

The average salary of the OSD officer is around 12 lakh to 44 Lakh per anum

Conclusion (OSD Full Form)

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