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Full Form Network Interface Device
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What is the Full form of NID?

What does NID mean? This page is all about NID full form or abbreviation in different fields including Technology, Academic & Science, Transport & Travel, Indian Railway Station, Associations & Organizations, and Computing.

We have covered the NID full form in Technology with details and listed down meanings of NID in various other categories.

The full form of NID is Network Interface Device.

NID stands for Network Interface Device. It is a point of demarcation between the customer service and the telephone network. It is the standard interface between several devices in a local area network. Through NID, the entire network can connect.

The Network Interface Device works as a transmission protocol that converts the associated codes. It also helps the different devices to communicate.

Working of the NID

  • The NID is the small boxes placed outside people’s houses with two sides; one is locked, and the user can access the other one.
  • Test Jack is placed inside the NID so that the customer can check whether the connection is working or not.
  • These test jacks can help the user determine whether the fault needs correction from the user end or the service provider end.
  • After this point, the service provider takes charge of wiring it to the NID, and the customer assumes the responsibility of wiring.
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Features of NID

  • It is the line of distinction between user and service provider.
  • Through NID, people can check for faults in the device.
  • NID has a circuit protector that safeguards the wire and other equipment from transient energy like lightning.
  • Some NID may have smart functions like code conversion, alarm indication for troubles, signal conversion, and many more.

All Full Forms of NID:

Term Full Form Category
NID Network Interface Device Instruments & Devices
NID National Institute Of Design Courses
NID Aeroni Airline Codes
NID NIDUR Indian Railway Station
NID National Institute Of Drama Courses
NID National Immunisation Day Social Welfare Organizations
NID Network Intrusion Detection Internet
NID National Institute Of Design, India Universities & Institutions
NID National Investigation Department Law & Legal
NID Network Identification Computer and Networking
NID Neuronal Intestinal Dysplasia Diseases & Conditions
NID Network Identifier Networking
NID Naval Intelligence Division Military
NID National Insurance Department Insurance
NID Namespace Identifier File Extensions
NID Negotiable Instruments Of Deposit Banking
NID National Intelligence Daily Journals & Publications
NID Naval Intelligence Department Military
NID National Inventory Of Dams Census & Statistics
NID Negative Ion Detector Chemistry
NID Nevada Irrigation District Departments & Agencies
NID Non Intentional Design Internet
NID Normally And Independently Distributed Programming & Development
NID Next Inspection Date Business Terms
NID Normally And Identically Distributed General Computing
NID Networked Intelligent Device Networking
NID New India Digest Journals & Publications
NID Network Interface or Demarcation Computer and Networking
NID Normalized Information Distance Data Storage
NID Naval Intelligence Database Military and Defence
NID Negotiable Instituteuments Of Deposit Banking
NID Nieuwe Intercity Dubbeldekker Rail Transport
NID National Institute For Development Governmental Organizations
NID Net Inhibitory Domain Biochemistry
NID Namibia Institute Of Democracy Regional Organizations
NID Novel Integrated Desulphurization Tech Terms
NID Network Inward Dialing Communication
NID New Improved Double Baseball
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