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KGF is a famous acronym, having many famous full forms, Here we are going to discuss two main full forms of KGF. One full form of KGF is related to the mining sector while the other KGF full form is related to measurement units –

KGF Full form in mining

KGF defines Kolar Gold Fields that is a gold mining area at the Bangarpet taluk in Kolar District of Indian state Karnataka.

Kolar Gold Fields is considered one of the major gold mines in India but it closed in 2001 because it has excessive production costs in comparison to its lower gold production.

The place where the KGF mining area is located is also a famous central plot of the Kannada blockbuster movie KGF: chapter 1.

The Kolar Gold Field was referred to as “Little England” by the British population due to its pleasing atmosphere and quiet weather as well as its mesmerizing landscape and beauty.

KGF full form

KGF was a famous site for gold in the past and the second most profound gold mines in the world.

At present, there are British Bungalows and well-structured streets at the place of KGF. In 1885 a golf course was formed for British employees of the gold mines. This golf course is also registered under the Indian Golf Union.

KGF history

Gold has been mined in the KGF area for more than 2000 years.

John Taylor and Sons was a firm that established gold mines in the Kolar Gold Field area and the company run these mines until 1956.

Later on, the government of Mysore took over the KGF mines and hired this company, John Taylor & Sons, as a mining consultant.

KGF was once filled up with more than 30000 mineworkers and their families.

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The gold mined from the KGF area was shipped to England that made British shareholders insanely wealthy.

The British established world-class medical facilities that were free for all mine workers including their families.

The years from 1861-1901 are also the years of great migration every ten years 20% of Cornish men migrated abroad and most of these were miners.

The Kolar goldfield was filled up with a mass Anglo-Indian population among whom many took on the roles of British workers after the 1947 independence of India from the British government and East India Company.

KGF interesting facts

  • The passenger rail “Swarna Express” from KGF to Bangalore is the longest passenger rail in the world.
  • Lung disease Silicosis caused by the dust arising due to mining was first discovered in KGF.
  • KGF has been a joint project of three countries – India, Japan and the United Kingdom.
  • Kotlingeshwara is the most famous Lord Shiva temple is near KGF.
  • National Institute of miner’s health has its head office in the Kolar Gold Field area.
  • In 1965 the first ionizing radiation neutrino interaction happened in KGF.
  • To supply electricity to the KGF area the first Indian hydroelectric plant was built at Shivanasmudra.
  • The KGF Gold Field was producing 95% of India’s gold in the nineteenth century.
  • The British extracted gold from the Kolar Gold Field for about 100 years and then the Government of India for 50 years, and at one time used to get 70 grams of gold for every tonne of raw mines processed.
  • Due to the closure of the Kolar Gold Mines, today the people there have become unemployed, and due to the idle mines, the health and agriculture of the people are being affected very badly.

Interesting Facts about KGF Movie

South film industry gave many such superhit movies, which earned a lot of name and money not only in India but all over the world.
India’s biggest film to date, Bahubali is the contribution of the South film industry, and in the same episode, KGF film also earned a lot of money and name.
So here I am going to tell you some interesting things about KGF Movie Chapter One.

  • KGF Movie Chapter One is about Kolar Gold Field, in which many things that happen during gold mining have been presented in a film style.
  • About ₹ 800000000 was spent to make this movie and it earned more than 200 crores.
  • KGF movie is planned in 2 parts and its second part will be released in 2022.
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KGF movie full form
KGF movie full form

KGF Chapter 2 Release Date

Today all those people who have watched Chapter One of KGF Movie are eagerly waiting for Chapter 2, Second Part of KGF Movie will be released on 14th April 2022


Full form KGF in unit

KGF stands for kilogram-force and is described as kgf which is also called Kilopond that is a non-standard gravitational metric unit of force.

This is a measurement unit but not on a standard basis that defines Force.

SI unit of kgf (Kilogram-force) is 9.806650 N while its British gravitational units are 2.204623 lbs.

KGF full forms
KGF full forms



How do you calculate KGF?

KGF stands for kilogram-force and it is equal to a mass of one kilogram then multiplied by the standard acceleration because of the gravity on Earth that is described right as 9.80665 meters per second2.

Therefore one (1) kilogram-force or 1 kgf is equal to 1 kilogram into 9.80665 meter per second2 that is equal to 9.80665 kilogram into one meter per second2 and that gives result of 9.80665 newton (1N). Here it is –

1 kgf = 1 kg * 9.80665 m/s2

= 9.80665 kg * m/s2

1 kgf = 9.80665 newton (1N)

What is the difference between kilogram-force (KGF) and Newton?

 The difference between the 1-kilogram force of 1Kgf and Newton is that 1 kgf is equal to 9.81 newtons.

1kgf = 9.81 N

Here N stands for Newton while KGF stands for Kilogram-force

Some other famous full forms of KGF

KGF- Keratinocyte Growth Factor- in Medical

KGF- Kingfisher- in Business and stock term

KGF-Krishi Gobeshona Foundation- A foundation in India

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