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You all know that a job is needed by everyone so that he can earn money from it and live his life in a good way. But there are very few of them who would know the meaning and full form of this word.

Often many times people ask the question that what is the full form of the job, it has also been seen that the people who went to the interview are questioned about the full form of the job, now the one who does not know about this question Can’t answer.

Therefore, in order that this should never happen to you, it becomes necessary for you to know about its full form.

So let’s get the complete information about JOB which will be important for you.

JOB Full Form

The full form of JOB is Just Obey Boss.

J – Just


O- Obey


B – Boss

job full form
Just Obey Boss

As we all know there are many full forms of JOB. But  among them this full form Just Obey Boss is the most popular. And people like to read it a lot. In this post, we will also tell you other full forms of JOB.

What is JOB ?

Friends, if we talk about work or job job, then you will be surprised to know that it does not have any full form. Because the word job is not a short form. And we know very well that full form or full form is only of that word which has short form or abbreviation. 

The word job does not have any full form, it already comes in its main form (full form). Now you will say that when it does not have any full form, then what was the above mentioned. See, even though it does not have a full form, but the meaning has been made full name by the experts, which tells the meaning of the word job.

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Now do not think too much, whenever you ask the full form of any job, you can tell Just Obey Boss or you can tell them that there is no full form for it. Both your answers will be correct.

What is Job Meaning?

When we work for any company, government office and any person by taking salary, it is called doing job. In the job, the salary of each person is fixed in advance and he has to complete every work in time.

According to Wikipedia, a job, employment, business or work determines the role of a person in the society, i.e. if you do a good job, then the attitude of the people in the society will be good towards you. Job or work is an activity which is often performed regularly and in return for payment i.e. in lieu of salary.

There are many types of jobs such as government jobs, private jobs, semi-government jobs and there are different types of jobs, which have been divided according to different sectors.

All Job Full Form

Friends, I have told you the full form of job or profession in the above, but apart from this there are many full forms of job in different fields and its meaning is different. We also see the full form of the rest of the job –

1. J.O.B  –  Jack of Blades

2.  J.O.B  –  Just On Board

3. J.O.B  –  Jump on Board

4. J.O.B  –  Journey Of Business

5. J.O.B  –  Just Over Book

6. J.O.B  –  Jump Out of Bed

7. J.O.B  –  Just Ordinary Business

8. J.O.B  –  Jesus Own Blood

9. J.O.B  –  Job Opportunity Bank

10. J.O.B  –  Journey Of the Broke

Benefits of Job

There can be many benefits of doing a job, people work hard day and night to get the best job so that they can get a good job so that they can live life well. You must have seen how hard the students work day and night to get a government job. Friends, if there are benefits of a job, then it is only for a government job. Let’s get to know it –

  1.  If you do a job, then you do not have any tension of money because your salary is very good.
  2.  Government servants have a lot of respect in the society.
  3.  If you do good work then your salary also increases and promotion also happens.
  4.  You are able to take care of your family and fulfill their needs.
  5.  Those who do government jobs, they do not have to take much tension of work and also get salary on time.
  6.  There is never any kind of loss to the job seekers because their salary is fixed.

Disadvantages of job

Just as there are advantages to doing a job, in the same way it also has some disadvantages. We know them too

  1.  In a job, you work under some organization or person and you always have to obey them.
  2.  Your salary is always fixed in the job. Whereas in business this is not the case.
  3.  If you make a mistake, you have to listen to your boss’s stopper.
  4.  Everything is fixed in a job like going to office on time and leave on time, timing of everything is fixed.
  5.  Sometimes you have to face the anger of your boss too.
  6.  You do not get time to do other things in your job and at the same time, leave is also decided in advance, how much leave you will get in a year.
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So you must have understood very well that what are the benefits and what are the disadvantages of doing a job, we have seen all the ways very well. Now through this post you must have got information about Job Full Form, Job Meaning.

Jobs for People

There are many types of professional jobs in a society that people spend their forty or more hours each week looking for paid employment.

The nature of work may vary according to the person doing the work. A student’s job can be studied as they need to do it. Some work as volunteers or some work as housewives.

Types of Jobs

There are many categories for the job. Because job is generally related to profession, so here we are going to discuss some types of jobs in professional world where you work in exchange for payment.

Jobs can be classified on various basis like time duration of work, nature of work and industry of work. There are also unpaid jobs like volunteer, housewife, mentor, apprentice and student etc. According to the level of experience, the jobs are divided into entry level, intern and co-op etc.

Some jobs in professional work require some type of experience and training or educational degrees and skills. However performing all kinds of tasks requires a special kind of skill.

FAQ’S Related to JOB

What is AR JOB Full Form?

The full form of AR JOB is Accounts Receivable.

What is DO Job Full Form?

The full form of DO Job is Demi Official.

Conclusion – JOB Full Form

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