IVR Full Form – What is IVR ? Full Information

Hello guys welcome to learnfullform.com .In  this article , you will learn IVR full form , What is IVR, Benefits of IVR , how ivr works and many more. So let’s start.

IVR Full Form

What is  IVR ? Know about it or what happens in IVR Full Form. And if you do not know anything related to it. So in this post I will tell you everything about IVR and IVR full form , what is it.

Many of you must be making calls, but there are some such calls which are used by only a few people or by big companies to help their customers. Now you can know by reading this how it works for any company.

What is IVR full form ?

As you read above that the full form of IVR is Interactive Voice Response System, so that you can present that such a voice system which can do the work of many people alone and the company can easily help each of its customers. In today’s time every big company uses it.

As you must have seen often, whenever you call the customer care of any company, someone talks in the voice of a girl or a boy and instructs you to go to it by pressing such number or by pressing 9 etc. Go to this menu So that’s the way it works. It is called IVR system.

Now tell me, if a company has crores of users, then how should it keep a different person for everyone. Therefore, to make the work a little faster and for more convenience by reducing man power, IVR system is used. The rest of the work that is not done by this system, then this system also makes you talk to the real person.

How does IVR work?

The reason you call them may be different from others. Some considerations are only solvable with IVR, and some are significant ones that require the assistance of a human operator.

IVR helps to direct the call as per your choice and give a perfect solution for your problem. This means there are fewer incoming calls, and fewer operative calls. This increases the productivity of your team members.

Advantages of IVR System

I think there are many benefits from this system, which helps companies a lot. As-

  • Can do the work of many people alone.
  • There is no need for much man power, due to which the company makes good profits and it can open new employment opportunities by investing money in any other field.
  • Anyone can run it. It doesn’t matter whether one is educated or not.
  • It is available in every Indian language, so that the people of the village can also get their work done from it.

What happens in IVR system-

It is a very high quality system of one type of complete hardware. In which the companies get the instructions delivered according to their own.

So that the customer of that company gets convenience. The IVR system is the same, but the companies get the work done by putting their instructions in it.

For example, if there is a paint company, then only paint related information can be worked in it. And if there is a SIM company then only SIM related work is done in it. Due to this quality of IVR system, it has started being used a lot.

According to this, as I told above in IVR Full Form which meant Interactive Voice Response System. It fits here because it does all the work and helps us on the basis of the button.


So I think you must have known that IVR is used by companies which we call customer care. It is a type of automatic system for certain functions such as to obtain information etc.

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