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IPS Full Form – In today’s post, we will tell about the full form of IPS and also tell that what is  IPS  and how to become IPS . If you also have a dream to become an IPS, then in this article how can you become an IPS along with its full form. You will also get information about this. Let us first tell you about IPS  Full Form. Will give other information after that.

IPS Full Form

The full form of IPS is Indian Police Service.

I: Indian

P: Police

S: Service

What is IPS

IPS is an officer of the Police Department. IPS is the most prominent among police officers. It is considered a highly respected and prestigious position. Indian Police Service i.e. IPS is one of the main three civil services of India.

IPS full form.

These three services are IAS, IPS and IFS. It was established in 1948. When the British Raj ended in India, a year after that in 1948, the Indian Police Service replaced the Indian Royal Police.

The cadre of IPS officers is controlled by the Ministry of Home Affairs. It is a civil service under an All India Service.

Becoming an IPS is very difficult. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and patience. An IPS officer needs to be very careful about the law and trust in the people.

Let us tell you that IPS is only a police officer. It works under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

When and how was IPS started?

IPS IPS was started in the British Raj in 1861, but then its name was Indian Imperial Police (Indian Imperial Police). When India got independence from the clutches of the British in 1947, then in 1948, the Indian Imperial Police was renamed as Indian Police Service i.e. Indian Police Service.

When there was British rule in our country, the British had laid the foundation of the Indian Imperial Police to maintain the police system. Its highest post was Inspector General.

Since there was British rule at that time, then only British could be admitted in it at that time. After this, in the year 1920, Indians were also recruited in it. For this also an entrance exam was conducted.

IPS was established in India under Part 14 of Article 312(2) of the Indian Constitution.

Now you have got complete information about IPS Full Form and what is IPS. Let us now know about how to become IPS as well.

Eligibility for IPS

Let us know what qualifications we have to fulfill to become an IPS, such as how much you have to study, what should be the age limit, what should be the physical qualification, your eyesight is also checked. I have told you all these points in detail in the points below.

Complete your studies

12th pass

There are many students / candidates who think that even after 12th they can become IPS, so let me tell them this is absolutely wrong, you cannot become IPS after 12th, for this you have to complete graduation.

Many students also think that only science students can become IPS, there is nothing like that, you should study in any subject like arts, commerce, biology, math, or agriculture, you pass 12th from any subject. can do. The condition is that you have to complete Graduation.

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Complete Graduation

To become an IPS, you can apply only after passing the UPSC exam and to apply in the UPSC exam, you have to complete graduation. You can complete your graduation from any subject whether you are a student of Science, Agriculture, Commerce or Arts.

You have to complete your graduation with any subject, if you are a student who is in final year of Graduation then you can apply for this exam, but on one condition you keep your graduation mark sheet available at the time of Document Verification. .

IPS Physical Eligibility

To become an IPS, you can understand the physical requirement for both male and female candidates as follows –


Minimum 165 cm (5 ft 6 in) for male candidate

For female candidate, minimum should be 145 cm (4 ft 12 in)


The minimum chest for female candidates should be 79 cms.

The minimum chest for male candidates has been fixed at 84 cms.

If your Height, or Chest is found to be less than the measurement given to you, then you are not considered eligible for this post.

Female candidate should not be pregnant at the time of medical.

There should not be a problem like stuttering and stuttering

Eye sight

To become an IPS, this point is equally applicable to both male and female candidates like

Healthy eyesight should be 6/6 or 6/9

And the vision of weak eyes should be 6/12  or 6/9

Work of IPS Officer

IPS officers work under the Indian Police Service to maintain and maintain law and order. IPS officers get promotion from SP to DIG, IG and DGP. Only IPS officers do the work of implementing the law properly in their field of work. For this, they also have to complete rigorous training.

IPS Exam Pattern

IPS is selected through UPSC. First of all there is a pre exam. In which there are two papers of 2- 2 hours. Its second paper is only qualifying. In which at least 33% marks have to be obtained to pass. Only the marks of the first paper are added to the cutoff. Based on this, the candidate is called for the Mains Exam.

Mains Exam

There are two language papers in the mains exam, which are only qualifying and you need to get 33% marks in them. Both these papers are of three hours duration.

There is also a paper essay in which two essays have to be written on different topics of their choice in 3 hours. Apart from this, there are four papers of General Studies in this. The time allotted for these papers is three hours.

After this there is optional paper, in which there are two exams. The subject of which is chosen by the candidate only. Marks from all the papers except the qualifying paper are included in the merit list of the mains exam.


When the result of Mains exam is out, after this the candidate has to fill a detail application form DAF. On the basis of this your personality test is done. On the basis of the information filled by you in this form, you are asked questions during the interview.

After this, a merit list is prepared by adding the marks obtained in the interview to the final merit. Based on this, the All India Ranking is determined. This is the entire process of selection of IPS, IAS and IFS officers.

The ranking of different categories such as General, SC, ST, OBC, EWS is decided and based on this ranking, the rank of IAS, IPS or IFS is given. Who has the top rank. They get IAS. After that the people of that rank get the post of IPS and IFS.

Other Full Forms of IPS

Another full form of IPS is Intrusion Prevention System.

It is an intrusion prevention system, which is a form of network security. It works by detecting and preventing threats. Intrusion Prevention System It continuously monitors your network, looking for all possible malicious incidents. gives information about them.

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How to prepare for IPS?

Today you will be given information in this post that you can pass the Civil Service Exam by yourself even with full dedication and hard work, if you follow the complete steps given below, then all these steps can be seen in the following way.

Prepared mentally

This point is the most important point, it is the foundation that can complete the journey till you touch the sky. You should do any kind of work in your life, whether it is small or big, you have to be mentally prepared or very important first of all towards that work.

First of all, you should decide that in what you want to become your career, you should take a good dissension for that and you should be completely ready for it from inside, then start it.


In today’s time on the Internet, there will be no such information that you will not find in the Internet, you will easily find everything in Google. There will be such topics which you do not understand, then you can search them through internet. In which you will get Blogs, Videos for free.


Ever since covid 19 has come in the country, there are many institutes, coaching centers, which prepare online for UPSC exam. There are some big you-tube channels which are Paid, which you can subscribe to.

Which is very cheap to you, you can prepare in this way at 50% less cost of what you pay in coaching center. Which can be a best option for you.

Current Affairs

You are daily updated with current affairs such as national and international event cycle, so that you have to be updated in daily, which you can take the help of internet to stay updated with the information of economic, political, sports, and other types of events.

You will find many mobile APPs, websites, where you get this type of information published daily.

Join Coaching

If you live in the city or want to study by staying in the city, if you can have this facility available then you can join coaching. You go to the best coaching institute of your city and take a demo class first and then decide whether coaching can be best for you or not.

Because there are many such students, who are not able to afford coaching, they can take the help of internet. Like You Tube, Online Book, Online Lecture, etc.

Important Books

To prepare for CSE (civil service exam), you will find many famous E-Books in the internet, today everything is easily available in the internet. Before taking any book, do thorough research about it, only then you should buy books.

You can search on Google “best UPSC Books” you will get many results.

IPS salary

An IPS officer gets a minimum salary of 56 thousand to a maximum of 2.50 lakh thousand, your salary increases on your promotion, along with salary to an IPS officer and other types of allowances are also given. As

  1. Dwelling house (accommodation)
  2. Car
  3. Household electricity bill
  4. Security Guard
  5. Driver
  6. Medical treatment is also free of cost to an IPS officer according to his post.
  7. All their expenditure is done by the government and there is also the facility of lifelong pension after retirement.

Conclusion – IPS Full Form

It is expected that you would have liked this article. Because in this article I have provided IPS Full Form as well as more important information related to it. Like ,  how to prepare for IPS, ips salary, ips exam pattern etc. which will prove to be very knowledge-full for you.

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