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iOS Full Form :  In today’s time, iPhone is the first choice of almost all the people. Due to which this phone is used by many people all over the world. There will be very few people who will not like the iPhone. But do you know the full form of iOS what is the meaning of i in iPhone. Because there are many people who use this mobile but they do not know about it. Therefore, through this article, I am going to give you information related to iOS Full form and about iPhone.

In this article, iOS  Full Form, what is the meaning of i in iPhone and many more will be known in this. So you must first complete this article so that you can get all kinds of information related to iOS

iOS Full Form

Friends, iPhone is a mobile which is made by Apple company, and the name of the operating system used in this mobile is iOS (iPhone Operating System).

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iPhone Operating System

iOS Full Form






iOS full form is  Iphone Operating System that runs iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Originally its name was iPhone OS, while later when the iPad was introduced, its name was also changed.

iOS utilizes a multi-touch interface that uses simple gestures to operate the device, such as swiping your finger across the screen to move to the next page or pinching your fingers. To zoom out.

What does “i” mean in iPhone?

The iPhone is the most widely used phone in the world. Every person wants to have an iPhone too, because the iPhone comes first in the count of the best mobile phones. But have you ever wondered what is meant by “i” in iPhone. If your answer is “i” to my (myself) then let me tell you you are thinking wrong, I in iPhone does not mean me at all.

Most people understand the meaning of iPhone as my phone, but in the iPhone I do not mean me at all, hardly you would know that the word “i” was first used for iMac. iMac was the name of a computer that was launched by the Apple company in 1998. When it was launched, Steve Jobs told people that the “i” in the iMac meant Internet.

Internet was a new thing for the people of that time and the biggest reason for bringing iMac was that people could work on the Internet very fast. During the launch of the iMac, Steve Jobs told the people present that the iMac is based on the Macintosh, due to which the Internet can be worked faster.

After this, as the times changed, the meaning of “i” also changed and ‘i’ came to be defined by many different words like information, inform, inspire, and individual instruct.

iOS History

iOS was created in the year 2007 by a software developer named Steve Jobs. He decided to build another device smaller than the Mac that used to operate the Apple Computer, and then he created the iOS device.

The purpose of creating iOS was that this device should be small enough to operate a mobile phone and on the basis of this, in the year 2007, the iPhone came in the market with the iOS system. In the beginning of the iOS App Store, it had only 500 applications and currently there are more than 22 lakh applications in it.

The iOS App Store was first opened on July 10, 2008. iPhone users love the applications found on the iOS App Store and with its help we also get proof of the better operation of the iPhone.

iPhone products are manufactured under the famous company Apple and from time to time Apple company keeps launching good iPhone products in the market for its consumers. The cost of iPhone is higher than that of Android Smartphone.

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