GD Full Form – What is GD Meaning? Full Details

GD Full Form –  In this post today we will tell about GD full form, what is GD meaning.Here we will tell you about all important full form of GD. For example, what is the full form of GD in the army. Apart from this, we will tell you about the more important GD Full Form.

GD Full Form

The full form of GD is Group Discussion (GD-Group Discussion) after the interview for any job.

G: Group


D: Discussion

gd full form

What is GD

Group discussion consists of a group of individuals who generally share similar interests, views on a topic. In group discussion, people gather either formally or informally to discuss a topic, solve problems or make comments.

You all must have seen that whatever good and grade a level jobs are there, whether they are private or government. In those jobs, there is a written examination first, followed by an interview and Group Discussion (GD) after the interview. Is Only after that the candidates are selected for the job.

Why GD is done?

GD is an important discussion on any topic. In this, the communication skills of the candidates are tested, how the candidate expresses his thoughts and feelings.

Along with this, the skills of cooperating in the group discussion are also tested, how do you operate in the group. How do you give a chance to others to speak, how do you react to the answers of others. 

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Your subject knowledge is also tested through group discussion, how much knowledge you have on the subject that is being discussed. Also your leadership skills are also tested and tested.

Apart from this, the analytical skills of the candidates are also checked in the Group Discussion, how to think about the subject and also your attitude and confidence are also checked.

What Happens in Group Discussion?

In group discussion, a group of some people are present in which a group discussion is held to discuss, express, solve problems or comment on a topic.

For example, if there is a group discussion on a topic organized by a company, then a group of some people related to that topic gathers,

After that everyone shares their interests, thoughts and suggestions on that topic. Many times you must have heard or you may even know that the first thing to do for some jobs is

There is a written examination and after the written examination, there is an interview. After the interview, in many exams, there is Group Discussion (GD) Group Discussion. Only after that the selection takes place.

Now you have come to know about GD (Group Discussion). Let us now tell you what is GD  Full Form in Army.

Full Form of GD in Army

The full form of GD in the Army is General Duty (GD- General Duty). 

Indian Army GD is a part of GD Army, in which defense soldiers are present, it includes riflemen, land defense forces, fighting soldiers, drivers, operators, gunners etc.

Full form of GD In Police Station

The full form is General Diary (GD- General Diary) under GD’s Police Station.

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General Diary (GD) is an important document preserved in an Indian Police Station, which is used on a daily basis to record the incidents that take place under the jurisdiction of the Police Station, such as thefts, murders, traffic accidents etc. The event is recorded in it. 

I have told you these three full forms of GD, these full forms are important. Apart from this, there are many full forms of it, which do not have any importance. Which is not useful for you at all. For the time being, I am giving this also.

All Other GD Full Form

Great Day

Great Deal

Graphic Design

Group Development

Growth and Development


Through this article, we have tried to give you all types of information related to GD , what is GD, GD Full Form. I hope you liked the information given by us and got to know something new from this article.

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