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FIR Full Form – Hello friends! Today, through this article, we will try to tell you in detail about FIR, what is the full form of FIR. This is an important topic for today. We often get to hear this word in common life.

So what is FIR, FIR full form , what is the full meaning of FIR? Where do we use it and we will get knowledge about things like how to register FIR from phone or mobile etc.

FIR Full Form

The  Full form of FIR is  – “First Information Report”




Police FIR meaning

FIR Full form in Police

FIR – First Investigation Report

The full form of FIR is “First Information Report. If we say in simple language, then this is the information given to the police regarding any criminal incident.

The whole world is familiar with this word. Whenever any problem comes in our life people keep threatening immediately that I will register FIR against you.

What is FIR

FIR is a written document prepared by the police. Friends, when there is a crime and a person gives information about that crime to the police.Then the police prepares a document on his complaint on behalf of the person giving that information. This document itself is called FIR.

You must know that in a serious crime, a police officer has every right to arrest without a warrant. Friends, many copies of FIR are made and one copy is also given to the victim, as you know FIR.

It is a very important document because it helps the police officer a lot in the process of criminal justice, police can start investigation only after the FIR is registered.

There are many reasons for registering an FIR, one is that when an incident happens, FIR is written or to avoid any accident or any kind of apprehension in future, people get the FIR written so that security remains in their life.

So in this way we can say that FIR is a document which is prepared by the police. It contains the description of the information of the crime. This is a mandatory step that takes place before the police start an investigation.

How FIR is registered ?

Whenever the person complaining makes a complaint to the police in the police station. The police put a stamp on that document by getting the police station signed. And also gives a copy of the same to the complainant. On this, the police station, the complainant’s signature is there.

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After this the police enters the FIR number in its register. When the police feel that the information you have provided to them is correct, then after that it starts its proceedings. 

But if the police does not register the FIR then the aggrieved person can approach the court. FIR is registered under the Indian Penal Code 1973.

Let us tell you here that you file an FIR for many reasons, such as if there is a quarrel among themselves, if it happens to someone in the neighbourhood, if there is a theft somewhere, or if there is a possibility of someone’s threat etc. in future. So in such situation people file FIR.

When an aggrieved person files a complaint with the police for speedy action, it is called ‘FIR’ or ‘First Information Report’.

When a particular person becomes a victim of some kind of crime, then for his safety, he files a complaint in writing or orally with the police, then it is called FIR. In this, written is more valid.

What is Zero FIR

Often FIR is registered only at the police station attached to the FIR incident site but sometimes in some odd environment FIR has to be lodged at the outside police station also.

But the police does not take the incident of the outer police station seriously, so to deal with this problem, the government has developed the concept of zero FIR. You can also register an FIR at the outside police station, but you can also get it transferred later.

What happens after FIR?

When the FIR is lodged by the victim and the police first registers the FIR, then the police becomes legally bound to take action.

FIR is the first step in the complete investigation of the case. Police inspects the incident through investigation, collects evidence

When the aggrieved person registers an FIR, the police would first register the FIR, but from then on the police is completely obliged to initiate action against him.

FIR is a step before a complete investigation of the case. After this, the police starts the investigation about the incident by investigation. Investigates the case, collects evidence, interrogates all kinds of witnesses related to the incident, records the statement of the case.

After that  it sends  for forensic check of the main incident. Now when the trial is completed by the police, it prepares the challan or charge sheet.

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How to register FIR with smart mobile phone?

Friends, if you feel that something wrong is going to happen to me, for which you do not have a solution. Or something has gone wrong with you, or has been stolen, or there has been some kind of minor skirmish, or there has been a fight.

This information must be conveyed to the police and an FIR should be registered regarding the said matter. But you should also keep in mind that you do not register an FIR in every case. Only if there is a serious case or a serious offence, file an FIR.

You can now register FIR from your smart mobile phone. Let us know that very easily by following some easy tips, how you can file an FIR sitting at home.


For this, you have to first open the official website of the police station. Here we take the example of UP- Search Uttar Pradesh Police by typing this.

When you click on it, you will see “UPCOP” app on its home page which can be downloaded from your Google Play Store.

First of all, you will see the option of FIR. When you click on it, a page like this will open in front of you. After this you will be asked for your mobile number.

In this, you fill your mobile number correctly because an OTP will come on your mobile number. You fill that OTP.

After this you will be asked your complete details. And for what you want to file FIR, you will also have to give details. In this way you saw how easily your problem was solved. Then full form

After this, you will be asked complete details about you. You fill it in correctly. Keep in mind that you have to fill all your details correctly. After that you submit it.

So see friends how easy it is to register FIR from your smart phone sitting at home. You don’t even have to go to the police station

Conclusion ( FIR Full Form)

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