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What is the Full form of FDR?

What does FDR mean? This page is all about FDR full form or abbreviation in different fields including Banking, Miscellaneous, Science, Transport & Travel, Physics Related, and Governmental.

We have covered the FDR full form in Banking with details and listed down meanings of FDR in various other categories.

The full form of FDR is Fixed Deposit Receipt.

Fixed-Deposit Receipt is supposed to be a risk-free outlet of investment, along with promises for huge returns. And FDR acts as a proof document for investing in Fixed Deposit. For procuring fixed deposits, an individual first has to visit the nearby bank. And then fill in the relevant form for opening an account.

At present individuals also have the option of opening fixed deposit accounts online by visiting the respective bank’s websites. From this article, know about FDR’s full form in banking, its importance, the filled-in components, and other information about FDR. 

What does FDR stand for?

The FDR full form is Fixed Deposit Receipt, which works as a document for the applicant after he completes the formalities related to the fixed deposit scheme. The receipts are provided to customers by the bank authorities.

In the FDR little information related to the applicant is mentioned, like his or her name, address, and details of the scheme. The interest rate and maturity date are also provided in the receipt itself. 

What is meant by FD? 

After you get to know what FDR stands for! You must know about fixed deposits. A fixed deposit is a deposit kind in which the total money is closed for a particular point in time. The period for fixed deposits varies as per the wish of the account holder. It can be as short as a few weeks to a longer period like ten to fifteen years. People go with fixed deposits because it’s a platform that does not have much risk to invest money. 

What are the advantages of investing in fixed deposits? 

Some of the few advantages of depositing through fixed deposits are- 

There is return assurance. 

People always look for secure mediums before they choose to invest their money. And with fixed deposits, one can have assurance with the returns rate. However, the rate of return is not uniform for all banks. It’s depended on each bank that calculates the interest. After a particular end of tenure bestows both the principal and interest amount to the applicant. 

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It’s a convenient mode to liquidate the amount. 

The process to liquidate the deposited mount is easy through FDs. Note that the online FD gets liquidated through the net banking process. Other than that, you can visit the branch to liquidate your amount. 

The tenure to invest in is flexible. 

It is based on the deposit holder deciding the tenure for investing through the fixed deposit. However, you should fulfill the minimum term allocated by each bank authority to deposit in their banks. 

Once your fixed deposit amount gets matured then, by showing the FDR full form Fixed Deposit Receipt, you can procure your total amount. 

Why is the maturity, as well as the renewal date, necessary for you to check in the FDR?

The FDR mentions the auto-renewal as well as the maturity date in the FDR. And if you are also looking for fixed deposits then it is recommended to choose the auto-renewal option when you have a guaranteed salary for each month. 

It saves you from the unnecessary worries of visiting the bank regularly every time the next date arrives. Other than that, make sure the Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR full form in banking) also mentions the maturity date. It is so because based on that you can have proper planning on when to withdraw the investment. 

Conditions mentioned in the FDR. 

The Fixed Deposit Rate, the FDR full form consists of some of the important information, necessary for the clarity of both sides. So, every time you receive an FDR have a check on the following things- 

  • In the FDR, the rate of interest and the term of the fixed deposit are referred to. 
  • Check whether the maturity, as well as the auto-renewal date, is written or not. 
  • If you have named someone as a nominee then the FDR also details his or her name. 
  • In the case of the no income tax, then 15G and 15H declarations clearly state that in the receipt. 
  • A penalty of prepayment is also there in the Fixed Deposit Receipt. 

What elements are there in the Fixed Deposit Receipt? 

Irrespective of the banks, there are some particular details that all banks mention in the Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDR full form). And those are- 

  • Primarily, the name of the applicant must be written in the receipt. 
  • After that, his/ her age is mentioned. 
  • His or her bank account number is also given in the receipt. 
  • The principal amount is also started in the FDR. 
  • Besides that, the maturity date and rate of interest are given in the receipt. 
  • The details regarding the rollover amount and account transfer are also provided. 

Why is receiving the FDR important? 

The Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR full form in banking) is important because it acts as proof of your fixed deposit investment. It briefs about all the necessary details an applicant expects to know about the scheme. And for that matter, not only the details of the applicant are mentioned, but information related to the nominee is also given. 

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It is only through the document, that the applicant gets an idea about the applied interest rate, prepayment penalties, and all. It is because of this reason, applicants should not lose the receipt once they received it from the bank authorities. 

End words.

Thus, through this article, attributes related to FDR’s Full form, its importance, and the elements that comprise it are discussed. At this point, in your FDR, don’t forget to check the details like investment rate, maturity date, rollover amount, etc. 

Otherwise, you can confront an unlikable instance of fake fixed deposit receipts. So, take the help of the bank officers to know the authenticity of your receipt. In case you have reasonable reasons to doubt the FDR.

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