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FD Full Form

The full form of FD is ‘Fixed Deposit‘. Under FD i.e. Fixed Deposit, the money invested by the investors has to be left for a certain period. Actually, the main purpose of taking FD is to save to meet a particular situation.

The full form of FD is Fixed Deposit.


F – Fixed


D – Deposit

fd full form
Fixed Deposit

As we all know there are many full forms of FD. But among them this full form Fixed Deposit  is the most popular. And people like to read it a lot. In this post, we will also tell you other full forms of FD.

What is FD (What Is Fixed Deposit- FD)

Fixed Deposit ie FD is a very safe and simple way of saving. The biggest advantage for investors when taking an FD account is that even before investing in it. You get to know about how much profit you will get on maturity. In other words, the investors get interest at a pre-determined rate on the amount deposited by them. In any case, they get neither less nor more than the prescribed amount.

The amount deposited in a fixed deposit through any bank or post office cannot be withdrawn before a certain time period. If an investor wants to withdraw this money in a particular situation. Then they have to give prior notice to the concerned bank or post office.

However, for this the investor also has to pay a penalty. Let us tell you, the minimum tenure of Fixed Deposit (FD) is 6 months and the maximum time period is up to 10 years.

What is the interest rate on FD?

If we talk about the interest rate available on FD, then it gets more interest than Simple Savings Account and Current Account. Although some time ago, investors used to get about 15 percent interest on fixed deposit amount. But at present the interest rate in FD has come down to 7 to 9 percent.

Apart from this, investors’ money used to double in just four to five years after getting FD of their savings account. Whereas at this time it takes at least eight to ten years to double the money. Even in the coming times, it may take more time for the FD amount to double.

Reasons for Low Interest Rate on FD

The main reason why the interest rate on FD account is low is that when inflation adjustment is done every year by the central bank of any country, the value of the currency decreases.

Due to the continuous increase in inflation, the currencies of almost all countries are continuously depreciating. Due to which the amount deposited in the bank account of the people is deducted by the central bank i.e. the interest rate is reduced.

FD Account Benefits

The safest way to invest money is through FD, which is not affected by market fluctuations.

The interest rate on the money deposited by investors in fixed deposits is higher than in other accounts.

Investors get exemption from income tax on depositing money in FD for five years, as well as no tax on the principal deposited in it and the interest earned.

If the investor needs immediate funds, he can take a loan from his FD account and can withdraw the money as per his convenience.

You can get the benefit of fixed deposit facility from any bank to non-banking financial companies.

Tax Deduction Rule on FD

Tax on FD is deducted from 0 to 30 percent depending on the income tax slab of the investor. If you get more than 10 thousand rupees interest in a year from FD. Then the investor will have to pay 10 percent tax i.e. tax on FD. Although for this the investor is required to submit a photocopy of his PAN card, in case of non-submission of PAN card, 20 percent TDS is deducted.

To avoid Tax Deducted, investors have to submit Form 15A. Actually it is applicable for such investors, who do not fall in any income tax slab. If the investor is a senior citizen, then they are required to submit Form 15H to avoid tax deduction.

  • Documents required to open FD account
  • Proof of Identification 
  • Address Proof
  •  Photocopy of PAN Card
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Fixed Deposit (FD)
  • Form Fixed Deposit (FD) Form
  • Check the amount of FD for the amount of FD you want to make 

How To Open FD Account

If you want to deposit your money in FD account, then you can open FD account through both online and offline mode. Under the offline process, you have to go to your nearest bank or post office. After getting all the information, you will have to fill a form as well as pay the amount of FD or check.

Apart from this, you can open FD account online sitting at home through internet banking. For this, you have to go to the official website of the bank or post office in which you want to open an FD account.

Other FD Full Form

What is FD Full Form in Medical ?

The full form of FD in Medical is Functional Dyspepsia.

What is FD Full Form in Pubg?

The full form of FD in Pubg is  Finished Ratio. Means the number of kills per match

What is FD Full Form in Banking?

The full form of FD in Banking is Fixed Deposit.

What is FD Full Form in Computer?

The full form of FD in computer is Floppy Diskette.

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