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Full Form Floor Area Ratio
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What is the Full form of FARS?

What does FARS mean? This page is all about FARS full form or abbreviation in different fields including Academic & Science, Governmental, Animal Kingdom, Sports & Games, Computing, and Medical.

We have covered the FARS full form in Academic & Science with details and listed down meanings of FARS in various other categories.

The full form of FARS is Floor Area Ratio.

All Full Forms of FARS:

Term Full Form Category
FARS Floor Area Ratio Architecture & Constructions
FARS Fire And Rescue Service Departments & Agencies
FARS Federal Acquisition Regulation Law & Legal
FARS Feline Audiogenic Reflex Seizures Pets & Domesticated
FARS Federation Of Artistic Roller Skating Outdoor & Adventure
FARS Federal Acquisition Regulations System Policies & Programs
FARS Financial Accounting Research System Universities & Institutions
FARS Faculty Activity Reporting System Universities & Institutions
FARS Fatality Analysis Reporting System Internet
FARS Functional Area Representative Hospitals
FARS Functional Assessment Rating Scale Diseases & Conditions
FARS Financial Accounting And Reporting Section Professional Associations
FARS Fatal Accident Reporting System Policies & Programs
FARS Food Allergy Relief Sharing Regional Organizations
FARS Federation Of African Roller Sports Sports & Recreation Organizations
FARS Food Amount Rating Scale Food & Drink
FARS Field Army Replacement System Military
FARS Funatic Adventures Of Rhyme Sapiens Music
FARS False Alarm Reduction System Tech Terms
FARS Facility For Atmospheric Remove Sensing Chemistry
FARS Field Artillery Rocket System Military
FARS Flight Assurance Review System Journals & Publications
FARS Far Field Analysis Of Radiation Sources Electronics
FARS Functional Area Requirements Specification General Computing
FARS Robertson, Robertson, South Africa Companies & Corporations
FARS Fighter Against Racial Segregation Conferences & Events
FARS Federal Acquistion Regulation Supplement Law & Legal
FARS Frequency Agile Rapid Scanning Instruments & Equipment
FARS Federal Accounting And Reporting System General Computing
FARS Franconian Alcoholism Research Studies Psychology
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