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What is the Full form of ER?

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The full form of ER is Eritrea.

The full form of ER is Eritrea, a country located in the Eastern Part of Africa. It is a small portion of the African continent. The country fought a thirty-year war of independence with its neighboring country, Ethiopia. Formerly, it was a colony of Italy and is now commonly known as the State of Eritrea. Asmara is the capital and the largest city in the country. It is located on the coasts of the Red Sea and its position is of quite significance.

What does ER stand for?

The State of Eritrea is located in Eastern Africa and is surrounded by Ethiopia in the south, Sudan in the west, Djibouti in the southeast whereas the Red Sea surrounds it on the eastern and north-eastern fronts. It has a total area of nearly 117,000 square kilometers.

Eritrea is divided into two portions through a mountain range named the Great Rift Valley. In the east lies the barren coastal plains and to the west are the highlands and savanna. Most of the population of the country lives in the highland region. Going by the records of 2017, the country had a population of nearly 6 million with a population density of nearly 50 people per square kilometer.

History of Eritrea

An interesting fact is one of the earliest hominids was found in Eritrea. It dated to over a million years ago.

The Italians came onto rule the State of Eritrea to have a hold on one of the busiest shipping lanes. In 1890, Italians colonized the country and remained in the power till World War II. After World War II, Italians got thrown away by the British in 1941 and Eritrea was now a British colony. Soon after the war, a federation was voted for in Eritrea along with Ethiopia. In 1961, after several years of suppression under Ethiopian rule, the struggle for independence began.

After a struggle of nearly 30 years, the Ethiopian powers resigned to Eritrea and on May 24, 1991, the Eritrean people took over the Ethiopian government. An international referendum was signed and soon in 1993, a clear majority of Eritreans voted for their independence. A truly new State of Eritrea was now born.

People and Language of Eritrea

Housing a population of nearly 6 million, Eritrea is a multicultural nation with dominant religions being Sunni Islam and Oriental Christianity. Not only these two dominant religions, but Eritrea also has nine major ethnic groups with Tigrinya being the most dominant consisting of 50%. The Islamic population which constitutes half of the population follows Sunni Islam whereas the Christians are majorly Oriental Orthodox in nature but traces of Roman Catholics and other groups also exist.

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As for the languages, the country has three official languages namely: English, Arabic, and Tigrinya. Alongside these, there are numerous regional languages such as Tigre, Dahlik, Afar, Beja, Kunama, and many more. This clearly represents the highly multilingual nature of the State of Eritrea.  

The people of Eritrea are quite sport-loving with the major sports being cycling and football. Cycling is by far the most popular sport in the country. The country also organizes a Tour of Eritrea which is a cycling race of Eritrea that spans across the country. In recent years, other sports have also gathered attention. Athletics has been on a high in the country and success is visible on the international stage.

Major Occupations in Eritrea

The majority of the population of ER still depends on agriculture, employing 80% of the human race. The country faces a stark dependence on rainwater which hampers the agricultural sector. As a result, the sector only contributes 12% of the GDP. Major exports include fruits, vegetables, and cotton.

Since its independence, the country was rising upwards. But then arrived the war with Ethiopia in 1998 which hampered the entire economy of the nation. The country suffered huge losses and a huge portion of land (which was agriculturally profitable) was lost to Ethiopia. The war had long-lasting effects with the country seeing over losses of over $225 million.

Over the years, it has been again trying to garner its lost growth. It exports salt and livestock on a major scale. The country majorly suffers from poor social conditions like illiteracy and poor skills development.

Being a small part of the African continent, Eritrea is a country that most people of the world would not have even heard of. But the nation has been living a life of ups and downs, has come up from struggles several times. As responsible citizens of the world, what we can make sure of is to take a look at the rich culture, diversity, problems, and successes of the country and stand in solidarity with them!

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ER External Relations Business Terms
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ER Economic Regions Departments & Agencies
ER Etretinate Medicines & Drugs
ER Equipment Repairer Military
ER Exclusive Resorts Companies & Corporations
er Experience Rating Electrical
ER Employers Representative Job Titles
ER Extinction Ratio Animal Conservation
ER Eastern Range Space Science
ER Edit And Revise Courses
ER Event Rate Communication
ER Exertional Rhabdomyolysis Diseases & Conditions
ER Easily Replaced Job Title
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