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Full Form Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
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What is the Full form of EPROM?

What does EPROM mean? This page is all about EPROM full form or abbreviation in different fields including Information Technology, and Computing.

We have covered the EPROM full form in Information Technology with details and listed down meanings of EPROM in various other categories.

The full form of EPROM is Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.

Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EPROM) is the non-volatile memory developed at Intel by Dov Frohman in 1971. EPROM is the ROM chip that saves the data even when the power is cut off. EPROM is the programmable Read-Only Memory (PROM), and data can be protected for two decades in a programmed EPROM. EPROM consists of an array of gate transistors. The data in EPROM is erasable. The programs of EPROM can be erased by exposing the whole circuit under ultraviolet light. 

  • The extended version of EPROM is Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM). 
  • There is a transparent quartz window on EPROM’s top, while EEPROM consists of an opaque plastic case. 
  • The erasing and writing of data on EPROM is possible with the help of PROM programmers. 
  • The programming in EPROM is electrically irreversible, and data can be erased with EPROM for only a limited time.

Application of EPROM

  • Microcontrollers such as Intel 8084 etc., use EPROM to store their data and programs. 
  • EPROM is used for programs that have to be upgraded with the later version.
  • EPROM helps in designing video games. 
  • EPROM is used in personal computers. 
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Advantages of EPROM

  • EPROM is very cost-effective and can be re-programmed. 
  • The memory chip of EPROM stores the computer’s basic input/output system. 
  • Debugging and testing can be quickly done in EPROM.
  • The data is retained by EPROM memory even in the absence of a power supply, and there is no need for external memory with EPROM. 

Disadvantages of EPROM

  • The erasing of data with EPROM is time-consuming. 
  • PROM is cheaper than EPROM. 
  • EEPROM enables you to delete the byte per byte, which is impossible with EPROM. 
  • EPROM has a slow memory as compared to its competitive memory forms.

All Full Forms of EPROM:

Term Full Form Category
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Information Technology
EPROM Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory General Computing

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