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ELCB Full Form

The full form of ELCB is Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker.

E – Earth


L – Leakage


C – Circuit


B – Breaker

elcb full form
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

As we all know there are many full forms of ELCB, but among them this full form Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker is the most popular and people like to read it a lot.

What is ELCB Function ?

The most important function of ELCB is to protect against electric shock and electric fire, whenever there is a short circuit or overload in our home or other places. It is also used as a safety device

If we talk about the work of Elcb, then as its name suggests that it works to break and connect an electrical circuit. That is, it was used as a switch.

But the special thing in ELCB was that whatever electrical equipment was used to turn it on and off, if for some reason there was a short circuit in the electrical equipment with any kind of earth, the ELCB would shut itself down automatically. Would have done

What is ELCB?

It is a type of voltage operated circuit breaker. It has a testing button if using elcb for single phase supply (240v). Then you will always get to see 3 input terminal and 3 output terminal in which 2 input terminal.

And 2 will be used for phase and neutral in the output terminal and earthing will be given in the one terminal left.

If you want to know about the ELCB, whether the ELCB is working properly or not. Then once you press the testing button above it.

It will turn off automatically if the button does not turn off after pressing  If so. You should replace the ELCB immediately.

Note:-But one thing you will always keep in mind that do not press the testing button on the top of the ELCB too many times. Because by doing this sometimes there is a risk of blasting due to ELCB short circuit. So always to test it as far as possible. Use its testing kit.

Advantages of ELCB

1. The advantages of  ELCB are many, as by applying it, electric shocks can be avoided in industrial areas in homes.

2. By applying this, if there is any kind of leakage current anywhere in the house. Then it will turn off the electricity supply of the whole house. And it will not turn on until you eliminate the problem of leakage current.

3. It is the best circuit breaker for human safety.

Disadvantages of ELCB

Its benefits are many, but it has only one problem that it is very expensive, due to which it is not easily available in the market.

Full forms related to ELCB.

MPCB Full Form –

The full form of MPCB is Motor Protection Circuit Breaker.

MCCB Full Form –

The full form of MCCB is Molded Case Circuit Breaker.

MCB Full Form –

The full form of MCB is Miniature Circuit Breakers.

RCCB Full Form –

The full form of RCCB is Residual current circuit breaker.

Conclusion – ELCB Full Form

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