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Full Form Economic And Social Council
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What is the Full form of ECOSOC?

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The full form of ECOSOC is Economic And Social Council.

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is responsible for establishing the coordination between the economic and social sectors of the United Nations. This organization works as the principal organ of the UN. The parent organization of ECOSOC is the United Nations. Indian lawyer Acrot Ramasamy Mudaliar founded ECOSOC.

This organization was founded on June 26, 1945, and its headquarters is located in New York City in the United States and at Geneva in Switzerland. The official website of ECOSOC is

  • ECOSOC is the international forum to discuss significant social and economic issues around the globe.
  • The term of President of ECOSOC is for one year. The presidency is given to representatives of UN regional groups accordingly.
  • ECOSOC is considered the most complex subsidiary body of the United Nations.
  • Fifty-four member states in ECOSOC formulate policies and address to the UN. The membership of ECOSOC is divided on the bases of geographical representation as:
  • 14 African groups
  • 11 Asian-Pacific groups
  • 10 Latin American and Caribbean group
  • 6 Eastern European group
  • 13 Western European and another group
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Functions of Economic and Social Council

  • ECOSOC has full rights to conduct the studies related to the social, educational, health, and cultural related global issues.
  • ECOSOC reviews the reports on social and environmental issues. Further, it presents its recommendation on reports.
  • ECOSOC can make recommendations to promote fundamental rights and freedom to all.
  • ECOSOC may coordinate with the specialized agencies through the recommendations of the General Assembly and the United Nations.
  • ECOSOC may follow up the request of the Security Council to support.
  • ECOSOC can provide its services to different demanding agencies on the recommendations of members of the United Nations.
  • It may discuss the report presented by special agencies and its observations with the General Assembly.

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