DTP Full Form – What is DTP Course ? Full Information

DTP Full Form: There are many types of Computer Courses. One of them is “DTP”. You can learn the work of publishing i.e. printing or printing by taking the course of DTP or Desktop Publishing.

DTP Full Form

Friends, before the development of DTP, computers were used only for text processing, but now they are being used to fulfill the needs of print media.

With Desktop Publishing Technology, we can print written sheets, project sheets, representative seminar sheets, catalogues, newspapers, wedding cards, greeting cards, visiting cards and even a book.

The development of DTP software led to the development of DTP and the technology on which these software works is called DTP. Today we are going to tell in this post that what are Desktop Publishing , what are the major Desktop Publishing Software, how to become DTP Operator and DTP Full Form . So let’s get started.

DTP Full Form  and Meaning

What is DTP? (What is Desktop Publishing)

DTP, also known as Desktop Publishing, is a new technology of publishing, by which graphics work is done using computer and some software and printing of Newspaper, Books, Cards etc. is done.

DTP was created by James Davis in 1983. In this, the page is composed by typing and it is printed through laser printer. Nowadays most of the Books, Newspaper, Cards etc. are being printed through this.

Desktop Publishing (DTP), which literally means printing and publishing work using a computer placed on a table. For this, we use a computer and compile the device to generate the text.

What is  DTP Full Form ?

Through Desktop Publishing, we can design Digital Page and Virtual Page, which can also be viewed on Computer/Smartphone. Graphics related work like Poster, Banner, Advertisement, Magazine, Books, Newspaper etc. can be prepared using DTP. DTP requires the following three things to work:

  • Personal Computer
  • Desktop Publishing Software 
  • Laser Printer

DTP Full Form

Full-Form of DTP – Desktop Publishing

In DTP, D means Desk i.e. Table or Table, T means Top, and P means Publishing. That is, “publishing with the help of a computer kept on the desk”.

Who is DTP Operator?

People who do DTP work are called DTP Operators. The job of a DTP operator is to prepare different types of prints using Desktop Publishing Software. If you also want to become a DTP operator then you have to do DTP course from any college or institute. In this, working on DTP software is taught.

Today the demand of DTP Operator is very high. Many new products are coming in the market every day. And the increasing competition among them has increased the need for different types of advertisements in print media. Due to this there has been an increase in importance and demand for DTP operators. Demand of DTP operator is not only now but also in future.

DTP is one such field which also provides many opportunities to the young generation across the world to showcase their talent and earn money. If you know how to do DTP work, then you can earn money by working as a Freelancer even sitting at home. In order to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively, they require specialized training for about six months to a year.

What are the functions of DTP Operator?

DTP operators use publishing software to design different types of documents and graphics. And from it create financial reports, business offers, advertisement magazine, web-page, logo, books, newspapers, packaging, tickets and business cards etc. For this, they Format and Manipulate Text, Numerical Data, Picture, Chart and other Visible Elements with Publishing Software.

DTP Operator has the following functions

  • Designing different types of Banner, Poster, Magazine, Newspaper etc.
  • Prepare the Shape and Layout of Graphics.
  •  Formatting and determining the right size and shape to make it look attractive with graphics.
  • To make the graphic attractive, pay attention to the color.
  • Scanning documents and other necessary hard copies.
  • Preparation of advertisement material for the company.
  • Importing Text and Graphics into DTP Software.
  • To print graphics and convert to different formats for the website.
  • Printing graphics on a high-resolution printer.

Major Software Used for DTP

By the way, today there are many such DTP software which is used for Graphics Designing. But here we are telling you about some of the best Desktop Publishing Software.

DTP Full Form 

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop software is used for image editing, graphic designing and creating digital art. You can edit the images taken from digital camera or mobile and various gadgets in it or you can edit it by downloading any image from the internet.

This software is also used for web designing. There are tools in this program with the help of which graphics can be exported to the websites. 

2. Adobe Page Maker

Adobe PageMaker is GUI based DTP software. Text and Image are formatted through Ruler with the help of tools present in this software. This program also supports PDF. 

Invitation Card, Visiting Card, Voucher etc. are prepared using Adobe PageMaker.

3. Corel Draw

Corel draw is also a graphic designing software that is used to create vector graphics. This software is used to make banners, pamphlets etc. It is very easy software as compared to complex softwares.

4. Adobe In Design

Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing and typesetting software. This software is used to prepare Poster, Magazine, Newspaper, Books and Ebooks. The format made in this software can also be shared digitally and can also be printed.

5. Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing software. It is used for making Business Cards, Greetings cards and Calendar etc. With the help of the tools available in this program, the page can be made more attractive by designing it.

6. Microsoft Word

Microsoft office word is a text editing program that is used for writing and formatting text. Advance tools have been provided in this to create text documents. This software is used to prepare resume and prepare simple text documents

What is DTP used for?

  • Desktop publishing (DTP) has an important role in our daily lifestyle. It is used in various fields. For example, if a book or a newspaper is taken, then all these have been prepared using DTP software.
  • Not only this, there are many such areas for which DTP is used. We are giving information about it here
  •  To making newspaper and magazine.
  •  Broacher and Catalog Preparation
  •  In preparing Invitation Cards.
  •  To prepare Visiting Cards and Templates.
  •  In preparing Books.
  • To prepare text documents and application forms.
  • For preparing advertisements.
  • In preparing the poster.
  • To the preparation of office notice.
  • For the preparation of banners, posters, pamphlets, receipts etc.

Eligibility Criteria to become a DTP Operator

Educational qualification

Though there is no specific educational qualification required to become a DTP operator. But to work effectively you should at least have passed matriculation. If you have good qualification then you can get job in good place.

Age Range

There is no age limit to become a DTP Operator but to work the age limit should be at least 18. Also, talking about the maximum age limit, the age of the DTP operator of the applicant firm should be 25 to 40 years.

Required Qualification and Qualities to become a DTP Operator

  • To become a DTP operator one must be imaginative and full of hardworking ideas. 
  • A DTP operator should have basic knowledge of English and local language as well as DTP software and other basics of computer.
  • For this one should have the ability to work hard with dedication and honesty.
  • For this there should be such a person who works diligently.

How to become a DTP Operator?

About six months to one year of specialized training is required to become a DTP Operator. You have to follow the steps given below to become a DTP operator.

To become a DTP Operator, you should be able to work on DTP Software. For this you can also learn to use those software yourself. But over time, the DTP software has been updated so much that it is not possible to be aware of all its features. If you do not have good knowledge then you will have problem in getting work.

Join Diploma in Desk Top Publishing to do a course in Desktop Publishing. In this you will be given Basic to Advance information of Desktop Publishing.

To get admission in this one year postgraduate diploma in Desk Top Publishing Course. The candidate has to give an entrance examinations. Somewhere, even after seeing your marks, admission is given.

After doing this diploma course you can apply for the vacant positions in various private sector companies like institute, clinic or public area organization like bank and various other offices and get the job of DTP operator.

What is the salary of DTP Operator?

Monthly Salary of DTP Operator Rs. 8,000 to Rs. starts at 10,000. Good experience and knowledge of the subject will cost him Rs. 12,000 to Rs. Can be found anywhere around 15,000

Although if one decides to open his own business then he can go to any height but it all depends on the ability to work.

Career Prospects for DTP Operator

Today DTP is being used everywhere. The scope of DTP operator has grown manifold in the last few years. For example, if the Internet is taken, then preparing the advertisement material for the website is also the work of DTP

There is no dearth of work for the DTP operators as they are not only going to handle the coming tomorrow. But there is a lot of demand for them even today. A DTP operator can get a job from a small grocery store to a large corporate office


Today in this post you have learnt what is DTP (What is Desktop Publishing in Hindi), DTP Full Form. If you have any question related to DTP, then you can tell us by commenting. If you liked this post then do share it on social media.

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