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Who is DSP ?

DSP is a very important post in the police department. It is called Deputy Superintendent of Police in Hindi. These are high-ranking police officers who work for the police force of the state.

He has the same powers as the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP). In many states like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, he is commonly known as Circle Officer (CO). Officers of this rank are senior to assistant superintendent officers, but junior to superintendent of police. DSP is a police rank used in many countries set up by the British Empire.

DSP Full Form

The full form of DSP is Deputy Superintendent of Police.(DSP)

D: Deputy


S: Superintendent of


P: Police

dsp full form
Deputy Superintendent of Police

How to Become DSP ?

To become a DSP, a candidate must have a graduation from any discipline. Whether the candidate has completed BA, BSc, BCom. BTech, BCA or any other Bachelor’s degree. After this you have to clear UPSC or IPS exam.

Eligibility for DSP

Deputy Superintendent of Police is a post of big responsibilities. So it is important to be careful while selecting this post. Here are some of the most important criteria which are required to become a DSP officer.

To become a DSP, a candidate must be an Indian citizen.

The age of the candidate should be between 21-30 years. There is an age relaxation of 5 years for ST/SC candidates and 3 years for OBC candidates.

Applying candidate should be graduate from recognized universities with any stream.

Along with this, the height of the male candidate should be at least 168 cm. and the height of female candidates should be more than 155 cms.

Selection Process of DSP

Firstly the candidate has to qualify the pre exam. All the candidates who clear this exam, then they have to clear the mains exam. After that there is an interview again.

Finally, the selection of the candidate is done on the basis of the merit of Mains Exam and Interview.

Salary of DSP

An IPS officer gets a salary of Rs 56 thousand 100 per month for the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police- DSP. Apart from this, he gets other benefits.

Work of DSP

The DSP is a subordinate officer of the Superintendent of Police. He assists the SP and also manages all the tasks for the police departments, such as preventing crime, managing police stations, controlling investigations, maintaining law and order, etc.

Now you have got all the information about DSP Full Form in Hindi. Let me now tell you about more important questions related to DSP, which people often search in Google.

What is the Post of DSP ?

Superintendent of Police (DSP) is the rank of a police officer in the police department. A DSP is a state police officer who represents the police forces in the state.

Is DSP is a Senior Police officer?

DSP is a police officer grade officer in the Indian Police Force.

Does DSP Get Bodyguard?

DSP’s get a lot of facilities such as they are provided with an accommodation for themselves. And their families and a staff quarter without any cost or rent. Apart from this, they also get a security guard, cook and domestic help. Which is paid by the government.

What are the Powers of DSP?

(1) To prevent crime.

(2) Investigating offences.

(3) To maintain law and order

(4) Enforcement of special and local laws.

Who is Bigger SP or DSP

SP is the senior officer then DSP comes after this. The SP is the chief police officer of a division and the DSP has to obey his orders.

Is DSP a Good Post?

DSP is the highest rank given in the police department through PCS in the state. The post of DSP is very good. Which is associated with salary, many other perks and due respect in the society. There is a big chance of promotion during the job service.

Is DSP a Class 1 officer?

Yes DSP is an officer of A grade.

Can a DSP become SP?

DSP can become SP after getting promotion.

What is the retirement age of DSP?

60 years

How many years does it take to become a DSP?

After about 7 or 8 years of service, the first promotion is given to the DSP, making the DSP additional superintendent of police (ASP).

Which is Higher Rank DSP or ACP?

DCP is bigger than ACP.

DSP Full Form in Police

The full form of DSP in police is Deputy Superintendent of Police

All Other DSP Full Form

Domain Service Provider

Delivery Service Partner

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Conclusion DSP Full Form

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