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DSA Full Form


The full form of DSA is Direct Selling Agent. The short form of Direct Sales Agent is . DSA is an employee of a bank who makes direct sales to the bank.

What is DSA? – What is DSA meaning?

DSA (Direct Selling Agent) is a selling agent of the bank, as its name suggests, its job is to sell direct to the bank, it takes those people who need loan to the bank and that person to the bank. Takes loan from

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Direct Selling Agent

After reading this post , you must have come to know that what is the full form of DSA ? But do you know what are the benefits DSA  and functions of DSA? If not, then let us tell you.

Functions of DSA

The job of a DSA is to find potential customers for the bank they represent. To do this, DSAs will seek out people who are in the market for loans.

These leads are then directed to the respective bank or NBFC and proceed with the loan process. For the effort put in by the DSA, a payment is provided. 

This payment is a percentage of the type of loan and the loan amount. And this payment is a great way to earn a little extra cash. In rural areas, DSA’s are known as business correspondents.

A lot of customers are brought to the banks through DSA channel. These customers are given personal loans, credit cards and consumer credit. It forms a major part of the retail assets of banks.

This arrangement has been going on for more than a decade. It contributes significantly to the retail loan book of banks.

A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) agreement is a legal agreement entered into between a business and an agent authorising an agent to sell/distribute a business’s product on its behalf.

The Direct Selling Agent Agreement writes about the terms and details of the agreement between the business and the agent in areas such as liability, scope, intellectual property use, commission, return policy, etc.

In any financial institution, the functions and roles of a DSA are similar to those of the bank itself, although there are also special requirements for a particular bank, so the DSA agreement must be read thoroughly before entering into the act.

A DSA for a bank or finance company. The basic objective of DSA’s working in the banking sector is to locate a customer who will eventually be a potential customer for a particular banking product, most common retail loan.

Benefits of having a DSA

  1. You can earn extra income. The amount you earn will vary from lead to lead.
  2. You can run your business with minimum cost with very less risk.
  3. Flexible working hours. 
  4. Higher education is not required.
  5. Your training is generally provided by the bank or NBFC.
  6. Convenient working time.

DSA Full Form In Computer

The full form of DSA in computer is Digital Signature Algorithm is a Federal Information Processing Standard for digital signatures, based on the mathematical concept of modular exponentiation

DSA Full Form in Medical

The full form of DSA in medical is Digital Subtraction Angiography.

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