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DNA full form – Do you know what is the full form of DNA? DNA, you must have heard this name somewhere. This word is mostly heard in movies and news. Mostly it is told in the news that DNA test of this person will be done, it came out in his DNA test etc. You must have heard it many times but do you know about it.

There will definitely be curiosity in your mind to know that what is DNA, full form of DNA, what is its function, what is DNA test and how is it done, what is its importance etc. In today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about DNA so that you will be able to understand a lot about DNA.

DNA Full Form

By the way, if you have done 11th and 12th class from science stream, then a lot of information about DNA is given in it, whereas if you graduate from biology subject, then in that too detailed information about DNA full form is given.

First of all, let us tell you that this is a structure that is found in all living cells, that is, DNA is found in all organisms. DNA is immortal and gets transferred from generation to generation. That’s why today I thought why not you people should also be provided information about DNA Full Form  then let’s start

What is DNA (DNA Full Form) ?

The filamentous molecule found in the chromosomes of living cells is called DNA. DNA is shaped like a curved ladder and is found in every living being. Genetic properties are present in DNA and DNA is essential for every living cell.

Discovery of DNA

DNA was discovered in the year 1953 by scientists James and Francis Crick. For this discovery they were also awarded the Nobel Prize in the year 1962. It is a molecule that contains the genetic code of all organisms. DNA is found in all living beings i.e. humans, plants, bacteria, animals, germs etc.

DNA is found in almost every cell in our body except red blood cells. Every human receives 23 pairs of DNA from their parents, one from each pair by the mother and one by the father.

That is, the DNA of any human being is made up of a mixture of the DNA of his parents. This is the reason that many characteristics of parents are found in the children like height, skin color, hair color, eyes etc.

DNA Full Form : 

The full form of DNA is ‘Deoxyribonucleic Acid’. DNA never dies, it is immortal because it gets transferred from generation to generation.

Human DNA consists of about 3 billion bases and it is 99.9 percent common in all humans. The remaining 0.01 percent makes all humans different from each other. You will be surprised to know that there is 98 percent similarity in the DNA of chimpanzee and human.

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Deoxyribonucleic Acid

D – Deoxyribo

N – Nucleic

A – Acid

The surprising thing is that if the DNA present in the human body is resolved, then it will be so long that it will reach the Earth 300 times from the Sun and go back.

DNA occupies a space of 0.09 micro meters in each cell. 700 terabytes of information can be preserved in 1 gram of DNA and Internet data of the whole world can be protected in 2 grams of DNA.

DNA makes its own copy so that each new cell can get DNA at the time of every cell division. Every day from one thousand to one million DNAs are destroyed from our body. The information of all the species in the world can be saved in a spoonful of DNA.

What is RNA? How is it different from DNA?

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RNA stands for ribonucleic acid which is one of the genetic material consisting of nucleotides. In the human body, RNA serves as a carrier of genetic information and is involved in the synthesis of various proteins.

In all living things, DNA serves as the carrier of genetic information. It stores information that includes a blueprint of each living being, such as gender, hair or eye color. In some viruses, RNA performs this function.

In addition to transmitting genetic information, RNA has many other functions. For example, it serves as a transmitter of information for protein production or as a activator (ribozyme), similar to an enzyme.

What is DNA test ?

DNA passes from one generation to another. Every human being has 46 chromosomes in its genes, 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. There are 1200 types of DNA tests in today’s time. With the help of DNA test, genetic diseases can also be detected, hair and eye color can also be ascertained with the help of DNA test. This also gives complete information about the genetic properties, along with it it can also be decided that which disease you will have going forward.

How is a DNA test done?

DNA test can be done with the help of cells inside the cheek, hair, urine sample, blood and skin. The report of the DNA test comes within 10 to 20 days. DNA test can be done with the help of these samples only from a recognised laboratory. Depending on the laboratory, how much will be spent on the test, your amount can be from 5000 to 50000.

Why is DNA necessary?

DNA contains genetic information in an encrypted (coded) form and is passed on to subsequent generations. It is a central feature of living beings, because without DNA there is no living being. This genetic information is stored in a sequence of individual bases that determine, for example, gender, hair or eye color. You can roughly compare it to the letters that make up a person’s name.

During reproduction or cell growth, this information is transmitted by making identical copies of DNA.

Importance of DNA in modern life

DNA has a great contribution to modern biology and new research. DNA contains the blueprint for how the body makes proteins.

  • With the help of DNA, information about the ancestors and descendants of an organism can be extracted. For example – with the help of DNA test, biological relationship between father (ancestor) or brother and sister, son daughter (descendant) of a child can be detected. Other than this
  • The use of DNA in medicine can be used to explain diseases and medical condition. And to take necessary steps for their prevention. Most of the hereditary diseases such as infertility, cancer etc. are passed on from generation to generation due to defects in DNA, in such a way these defects can be identified with the help of DNA.
  • Using it in the field of virology can help in the prevention and prevention of new epidemics, such as the genome of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

Is it possible to change DNA?

Yes, sometimes abnormal changes occur in DNA due to natural errors, it is possible to artificially change it by the scientist, but its circulation is very limited because many people consider it immoral and against nature.

What did you learn today (DNA Full Form )

In this post you have learnt about DNA full form and its basic need that why it is necessary and many more things.

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