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CTI Full Form

The full form of CTI is Central Training Institute.

C – Central


T – Training


I – Institute

cti full form

As we all know there are many full forms of CTI. But  among them this full form Central Training Institute is the most popular. And people like to read it a lot. In this post, we will also tell you other full forms of CTI.

What is CTI CTI (Full Form)?

First of all let’s talk about what is CTI? The full form of CTI is Central Training Institute for Instructors. That is, a kind of teacher training is given in this. After completing this, any person gets recognition as a teacher. But I depend on him. In which field he has done CTI.

Then finally its fourth part comes. It is also of 3 months and its name is Engineering Technology. In this, you are mainly told about Comparison Workshop Calculation and Science and Engineering Drawing 045 It has these four parts. Which come under the 1-year CTI course program. And in these what we have told you. All those things are done.

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Who can do CTI?

CTI can be done by ITI pass student, ITC pass student or polytechnical diploma student. But there are some rules in this. The rules are related to some trade and it is seen in them that from which trade you have passed ITI or Polytechnical. In this, all the students get diploma from these trades like electrician, wireman, fitter, turner, machinist, motor mechanic. So those students can easily do CTI.

Duration of CTI Course.

Now let’s talk about the program of CTI, duration of cti course And how is it done. The CTI course is of 1 year duration. And this is divided into four parts of three-three months. The first part of this comes under Trade Technology.

Which is the first 3 months, within which you are told about the comparison, basic components of trade practice and theory etc. In the second part of trade technology, that is also 3 months for you. And in this you are told about the Comparison Advance Components of Trade Practice and Theory.

The third part is of its training metrology. As we told you above, it has four parts. And it is a one year course. And its four parts are 3 days and months. So in its third part, you are told about the Comparison Principle of Teaching.

When does the CTI Session start.

It is also very important to know when its sessions start, so below we will tell you when the sessions are started. That its session is started only once or twice a year. Its session is started four times in a year. Its first session is started on 1st August. After that its second session is started on November 1. Its third station is started on 1st February and its fourth and final fashion is started on 1st May.

Age Limit For CTI Course

Whenever you apply for CTI Diploma after CTI or after Polytechnic, then at that time you can do this course at any time from 18 to 40 years of age.

Jobs After CTI?

As you know its name. There is Central Training Institute for Instructors. So after doing this course, you are able to work as a teacher in any government or private ITI, then if a job comes out for the post of teacher in government ITI, then you can apply in it and if you have If you get a job, then your salary is kept above the normal 30 thousand and if you do not get a job in a government ITI, then even if you work as a teacher in a private ITI, you will get 10 to ₹ 12000 and its After that, your salary will be increased according to your experience.
And if you are not able to get a job on the post of teacher.

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So you can also apply for job in railway department. And if you can’t get a job there too. So you can get a job in any private company on the basis of ITI diploma, that is, it is necessary for you to do ITI first. Or it is necessary for you to do polytechnical. So now you must have understood what is CTI Diploma and how it is done.

Conclusion – CTI Full Form

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