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Full Form Corporate Social Responsibility
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What is the Full form of CSR?

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The full form of CSR is Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR generally stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is instituted for contributing back to society by actively participating in philanthropic, charitable, and other social-friendly activities.

CSR may be a very positive social and value-providing practice within the world of the company. Now, most of the companies are taking a lively part in CSR to create an honest name for their company which is positive for both company and society as well.

Objective of CSR

The main objective of CSR is to reinforce the worth of the corporate and also helps society in a very specific way. CSR practice is giving back to society what the businesses are becoming from the society.

CSR inspires companies to require part in philanthropic schemes, opening schools and colleges, opening hospitals for society. Companies may help society by helping in economical, ethical growth of the society by planting trees distributing books, and a lot  more other practices. CSR is important for the positive growth of the corporate.

Types of CSR:

  1. Philanthropic CSR: When companies do charity for the people which help society in the educational, medical, and fields which changes society for good then this type of CSR is known as Philanthropic CSR.
  2. Economic CSR: When big companies help small companies and provide people jobs and start-ups the capital which they need to run the business successfully then this type of CSR is known as economic CSR.
  3. Environmental CSR: Those types are CSRs covered under Environmental CSR when companies help the environment by planting trees, reducing carbon footprints, reducing smoke. This is one of the best types of CSR which helps our mother nature.
  4. Ethical CSR: This type of CSR company makes sure that every stakeholder of the company is being treated well and getting the return of the value the area providing to the company. This will ensure that employees can take leave whenever they need to, they will get wages on time, and they will get promoted on the basis of their performance and experience.

Benefits of CSR:

  • CSR provides the corporate a positive name and recognition because when they do charity people know about them and beneficiaries bless them.
  • When they take part in social activities and giving back to society what they get so it increases the reputation of the company.
  • CSR strengthens the trust of the customer for the corporate and makes them loyal.
  • CSR makes the company famous and this strengthens the bond between the people and the company. So, they trust the company and become a loyal customer of the company.
  • After a successful operation of CSR more talented people are attracted towards the corporate and this improvises the performance, standard , and value of the corporate.
  • The company sees exponential growth after a successful CSR and gets the chance to grab the capital.

Examples for CSR:

  1. Johnson and Johnson: Johnson and Johnson is a big company that works in research and development. Johnson and Johnson are taking a great part in CSR initiatives. Johnson and Johnson are providing safe and pure water to the various societies of the word. Johnson and Johnson are working to cut back pollution and during this coronavirus pandemic they made a vaccine named JANSSEN.
  2. Google: As we all know google is one of the most valued companies. We cannot imagine our worlds without google. Google understands people’s needs and has many initiatives for the betterment of society and also the environment. Google has topped the list with the best CSR score by RI.
  3. TOMs: TMOs is a shoe company situated in California. TOMs is looking to donate every pair of shoes for each pair they sell. That’s why maybe TOMs isn’t that beneficial but fundamentally it’s strongest roots. They also add developing companies to assist the little company to grow and supply them safe water and food.
  4. Disney: Disney is that the most famous and profitable cinema company within the industry. Disney donates lots and helps society in many ways. They open hospitals for the children and are providing food, water, and basic necessary things to the communities of Africa.
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Criticism of CSR

Law professor Joel Baken has said that the real practice of CSR is against the law. He wrote that companies make CSR a tool to avoid taxes and make wealth. Some critics say that CSR could be a tool that a company uses to form people divert from asking questions about exploitation and wages.

While some researchers support CSR by saying that CSR practicing companies are less likely to use the people. Some claim that they could or not might help society but if they’re willing to practice CSR, we should always welcome them. Most of the funding for the research lies under the CSR program. Companies help lakhs of scholars and funds thousands of researchers under the practice of CSR.

So, by seeing the positive and negative criticism of CSR we can say that maybe some companies use CSR to avoid taxes and earn the reputation and brand name for the company. But it benefits the society many poor people from Africa and other places have been helped by CSR and many kids who come from the rural and poor background they get good education and funds from the companies practicing CSR.

CSR should be transparent and should help the deserved ones. We may say that there is nothing wrong with the practice of CSR in the world of capitalism.

All Full Forms of CSR:

Term Full Form Category
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Business Terms
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CSR Competition Success Review Journals & Publications
CSR Customer Service Representative Job Title
CSR Cheyne-Stokes Respiration Diseases & Conditions
CSR Central Serous Retinopathy Diseases & Conditions
CSR Chemical Society Reviews Journals & Publications
CSR Clinical Study Report Rules & Regulations
CSR CHAK SIKANDAR Indian Railway Station
CSR Centre For Social Research Universities & Institutions
CSR Certificate Signing Request Protocols
CSR Customer Support Representative Job Title
CSR Corporate Sustainability Reporting Business Terms
CSR Community Service Register Internet
CSR Control and Status Register Computer Assembly Language
CSR Customer Service Report Business Management
CSR Continental Shelf Research Companies & Corporations
CSR Corporate And Social Responsibility Business Terms
CSR Cambridge Silicon Radio Companies & Corporations
CSR Class Switch Recombination Anatomy & Physiology
CSR Disneys Coronado Springs Resort Buildings & Landmarks
CSR Chinese Soviet Republic News
CSR Cell Site Router Computer Technology
CSR Continuous Speech Recognition Tech Terms
CSR Current Schedule Of Rates Rules & Regulations
CSR Common Structural Rules Standards
CSR Customer Service Request Telecommunication
CSR Corporate Sustainability Responsibility Business Terms
CSR Coastal Surveillance Radars Security & Defence
CSR Compressed Sparse Row Databases
CSR Central Spine Road Roads & Highways
CSR Cervical Spine Radiography Treatments & Procedures
CSR Casuarito Airport Airport Codes
CSR Center For Strategic Research Research & Development
CSR C Sports Racer Automotive
csr Change Service Requested Internet
CSR Crop Suitability Rating Farming & Agriculture
CSR Canadian Securities Regulation Law & Legal
CSR Copper Sulfide Rectifier Electronics
CSR Combat Stress Reaction Military and Defence
CSR Cognitive Science Of Religion Conferences & Events
CSR Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Physics
CSR Community Service Radio News
CSR Canal Service Road Roads & Highways
CSR Community Service Representative Job Title
CSR Communicable Disease Surveillance And Response Departments & Agencies
CSR Computer Sciences Raytheon Companies & Corporations
CSR Sisters Of The Holy Redeemer Religious Organizations
CSR Comprehensive Spending Review Accounts and Finance
CSR Concentrated Solar Radiation Astronomy & Space Science
CSR Cab Secure Radio Military
CSR Compact Surveillance Radar Tech Terms
CSR Cost Sharing Reduction Policies & Programs
CSR California State Retirees Regional Organizations
CSR Colonial Sugar Refinery Buildings & Landmarks
CSR Complete Spatial Randomness Communication
CSR Canada Southern Railway Rail Transport
CSR Cherokee Scout Reservation Buildings & Landmarks
CSR Center For Seti Research Regional Organizations
CSR Concept Study Report Space Science
CSR Center for Space Research Space Science
CSR Class Size Reduction Universities & Institutions
CSR Certified Shorthand Reporter Job Title
CSR Coalition For Sustainable Rail Environment & Nature Organizations
CSR Chemical Safety Reports Documents & Certificates
CSR Cancer Statistics Review Journals & Publications
CSR Controlled Shunt Reactor Communication
CSR Casuarito Airport Code
CSR Controlled Supply Rate Military and Defence
CSR Canadian Satellite Radio Companies & Corporations
CSR Center for Scientific Review Policies & Programs
CSR Clear Statistical Registry Computer Assembly Language
CSR Child Survival Revolution Social Welfare Organizations
CSR Cadet Safety Representative Titles
CSR Civilian Service Rifle Weapons & Forces
CSR Center For Seafarer Rights Regional Organizations
CSR Composite Speed Rating Sports
CSR Cytoskeletal Reorganisation Biochemistry
CSR Critical Systems Repair Companies & Corporations
CSR Camden And Southern Railroad Rail Transport
CSR Current Situation Room Military
CSR National Center For Secure And Resilient Maritime Commerce Departments & Agencies
CSR Character Shape Recorder Games & Entertainment
CSR Cetacean Sanctuary Research Animal Welfare
CSR Camden & Southern Railroad Inc Rail Transport
CSR Cell Switching Router Networking
CSR Conservatives And Social Reformers Politics
CSR Commander’s Summary Report Military and Defence
CSR Chief Revenue Superintendent Firms & Organizations
CSR Cockpit Sound Recorder Airplanes & Aircraft
CSR Central Source Registry Military and Defence
CSR Community Sports and Recreation Sports
CSR Center For Semiconductor Research Research & Development
CSR Corrected Survival Rate Healthcare
CSR Classical Selection Rule General Computing
CSR Consulting Service Regulation Rules & Regulations
CSR Contraceptive Self Reliance Regional Organizations
CSR Comprehensive School Reform Courses
CSR Casuarito Airport, Casuarito, Colombia Airport Codes
CSR Charge Stripping Reaction Chemistry
CSR Child Sex Ratio Psychology
CSR Chase Ranch, California, Seismograph Station Earth Science
CSR Cash Status Report Accounts and Finance
CSR Central & Southwest Corporation Companies & Corporations
CSR Centre For Society And Religion Research & Development
CSR Customer Support Ruling Military
CSR Check Signal Return Space Science
CSR Command and Status Register Computer Assembly Language
CSR Campaigns Social Response Regional Organizations
CSR Campaign For Surplus Rosaries Religious Organizations
CSR Chartered Stenographic Reporter Courses
CSR Circolo Speleologico Romano Regional Organizations
CSR Centre For The Spiritual Realization Religious Organizations
CSR Calgary Student Radio News
CSR Core Security Requirements Cryptocurrency
CSR Committee Of Senior Representatives Medical Organizations
CSR Critical Service Reservoir Tech Terms
CSR Crew Self Rescue Water Transport
CSR Cutch State Railway IRCTC Station Codes
CSR Cascades Student Residence Universities & Institutions
CSR Channel Status Register Networking
CSR Collaborative Social Responsibility Business Terms
CSR Certificate Of Stock Reported Business Terms
CSR Campbell Airstrip Airport, Anchorage, Alaska, United States Airport Codes
CSR Crop Storage Research Farming & Agriculture
CSR Comité Syndicaliste Révolutionaire Politics
CSR Carry-save Representation Softwares
CSR Community Service Ribbon Military
CSR Cincinnati Street Railway Rail Transport
CSR Conference On Sustainability And Responsibility Conferences & Events
CSR Communications Service Request Policies & Programs
CSR Command Success Rate Military
CSR Central Stacker Reclaimer Trade Associations
CSR Communications Standards Review Computer and Networking
CSR Center For Secure And Resilient Robotics & Automation
CSR Certification Status Report Softwares
CSR Crew Station Review Space Science
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