CSO Full Form – What is CSO? Full Information

CSO Full Form- In this article we will tell you what is CSO Full Form? What is CSO? CSO Activities?.

About the functions of CSO and its organization. CSO is a vital statistics office that is responsible for coordinating statistical activities in India.

In addition, it also develops and maintains statistical standards. In such a situation, it is necessary to get information about CSO.

Often questions are asked about CSO in many exams toom That’s why many people want to get information about CSO. In the Internet, you will get to see only one or two articles related to CSO.

That is why we have tried to give you complete information through this article, so let’s know complete information about CSO  –

CSO Full Form?

The full form of CSO is “Central Statistics Office”. Let us know what is CSO? And what are its activities?

CSO Full Form




What is CSO?

CSO is a government office under the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation. Its main purpose is to coordinate statistical activities in India.

Along with this, it is responsible for developing and maintaining statistical standards in India. The Headquarter of the Central Statistical Office is located in New Delhi.

For information, let us tell you that the Central Statistics Office was formed on 2 May 1951 by the Government of India. During that time it was formed as Central Statistical Institute and Central Statistical Organization. Let us know about other information related to this:-

CSO Activities

Let us know what are the main activities of CSO:-

  1.  It conducts annual surveys of various industries.
  2.  It releases human development statistics.
  3.  Compilation and publication of national income figures.
  4.  Gender statistics
  5.  Providing training to official figures
  6.  Environmental data
  7.  National Industrial Classification
  8.  Apart from this, CSO conducts annual survey of industries through its Industrial Statistics Wing and also publishes their results.
  9.  Energy figures
  10. Statistics information and dissemination
  11.  To undertake the work of five year plan for statistical development in the Union Territories and States of India.
  12.  In statistical matters, the CSO plays an advisory role.

Organization of the CSO

Just as every organization has its organizational and administrative structure. Similar is the structure of CSO also. Actually, the CSO is headed by the Director General.

The Director General is the head of this organization. Apart from the Director General, there are 5 Assistant Directors General who look after the work of National Accounts Division, Eco-Statistics Division, Social Statistics Division, Coordination and Publications Division and Training Division.

Apart from this, four Deputy Director Generals are appointed in this. At the same time, 6 Joint Directors, 7 Officers on Special Duty are appointed in this organization. Let us know about the divisions of CSO:-

National Accounts Division (ND):- The responsibility of this division is to prepare the national accounts. Apart from this, the division also brings out an annual publication ‘National Accounts Statistics’.

In which GDP is the data related to private capital formation, government and private final consumption expenditure. This division performs the following functions:-

  1.  It provides quarterly estimates of GDP at current and constant prices.
  2.  Its function is to find out the capital stock and consumption of fixed capital.
  3.  Social Statistics Division (SSD):- This division has to take care of statistical monitoring of development goals, environmental and economic accounting etc.
  4.  Economic Statistics This Division (ESD): The work of this division is to conduct economic census.
  5.  Training Division: This division is responsible for evidence-based policy formulation and planning, monitoring, evaluation and collection of necessary data.
  6.  Publications Division: This division deals with the statistical matters of the CSO and coordinates it with the State and Union Territory Governments.

History of CSO

The CSO was formed on 2 May 1951 as “Central Statistical Institute”. Earlier it was constituted as a part of the Cabinet Secretariat, to perform coordination and advisory functions.

When CSI was merged with CSO in 1954, it was changed to “Central Statistical Organization”. Recently its name has been changed from Statistical Organization to “Central Statistical Office”.

CSO Full Form (Others)

Chief sustainability officer

Combat system officer

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Chief Security Officer

Court Security Officer.

This is some popular full form of CSO, apart from this there are many types of full form of CSO.

Frequently Asked Questions About CSO

Q.1 Where is the Central Statistical Office located?

Answer: Central Statistical Office New Delhi is located near Sardar Patel Bhawan, Parliament Street.

Q.2 Where is the industrial wing of CSO? 

Answer: Its industrial wing is located in Kolkata.

Q.3 Who is the Minister of Statistics of the Government of India?

Answer: The name of the official of the Ministry of Statistics, Government of India is Rao Inderjit Singh.

Q.4 State the functions of a CSO.

Answer: The main function of CSO or Central Statistics Office (CSO Full Form) is. To provide advisory services to statistical agencies and Government of India.

It helps the Planning Commission in making statistical plans in the country. In addition, it maintains public relations with international statistical bodies. Apart from these functions, the CSO also organises and publishes the National Accounts.

Conclusions ( CSO Full Form)

In this article you learnt about the Office of National Statistics. Through this article we told you what is CSO? What is CSO Full Form? CSO Activities? About organization of CSO and history of CSO and its other full forms.

Apart from this, let us tell you that in the year 2019, the government had decided to merge the National Sample Survey Office with the Central Statistics Office.

The above information shows that how important is the organization of CSO, that’s why questions related to it are asked in many exams.

Through this article we have tried to give complete information about CSO. Hope you have read this article of ours completely. If you want to get any information related to our article, then definitely tell us in the comment section. And if you liked this article of ours, then do share this article on other social media platforms.

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