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CPCT Full Form- What is the “full form of CPCT” Full form of CPCT full name of CPCT.Full form of CPCT in maths.

If you are also a resident of Madhya Pradesh then you must have heard the name of CPCT.

Why is this exam so popular in Madhya Pradesh, have you ever tried to know it. If your answer is no, then today through this post you are going to get complete information about CPCT exam.

There are many such students who have this question in their mind that after doing DCA or PGDCA .We do not need to give CPCT exam.

In today’s post, all the problems related to this exam will be solved, today we are going to discuss. What is CPCT , Qualification for this, what is the age limit, where is the need for CPCT proof. What is the purpose of CPCT examination, how much fee is charged.

Who is Eligible for this exam Complete information.If you have any kind of question in your mind then you must stay with us till the end

CPCT Full Form

The full form of CPCT is “Computer Proficiency Certificate Test” i, it is called “Computer Proficiency Certificate”.

cpct full form

It is based on the knowledge of a computer in which you are asked questions about the computer, and the skill of typing speed is assessed through this test.

What is CPCT?

CPCT exam is conducted by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. This exam is organized by MAP IT (Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology). Through the CPCT exam, it is assessed that how much information a student has about the computer.

How much information is there about the use computer, how much is its Hindi and English typing speed. If a student passes this exam, then the posts to be removed by the Madhya Pradesh government like Computer Operator, Data Entry Operator, Office Assistance, Stenographer.

Jobs are easily available in government and private sector job fields i.e. Hindi Typing, English Typing, Database Management.

This exam was started from the year 2015, cpct exam is conducted twice a year at an interval of 6-6 months. After passing this exam you are given a score card whose validity is 2 years. But in 2021, the validity of this card has now been reduced to 7 years.

Eligibility for CPCT

If a student wants to give cpct exam, then it is mandatory to pass 12th, you have passed 12th from any stream like (Maths, Biology, Arts, Commerce, Agriculture) you can sit in this exam.

If you are such a student who has already passed 10th and completed polytechnic diploma, then you can also apply for this exam..

Objective of CPCT Exam

Through the cpct exam, the Madhya Pradesh government organizes this exam to develop some skills in the students. which is as follows

  1. General information about computer like hardware, software, output, input information
  2. Development of Hindi and English Typing
  3. Candidates had to do many courses and certificates to get jobs in Govt and private sector. The government has created a system that fulfills all these process and certificate requirements.
  4. To develop a transparent, fair, oriented and scientifically designed system for assessing the capabilities of selected candidates during recruitment in various government departments/agencies.
  5.  Now the student can apply for jobs in both Govt and rivate sectors only after passing the CPCT exam which comes under CPCT.

CPCT Age Limit

To apply in CPCT exam, the candidate must have completed at least 18 years. After completing 18 years, any applicant is eligible for this exam. After this there is no age limit for this exam, you can apply for this exam at any age. can apply for.

How to fill MP CPCT Exam Form

The process of applying cpct exam is completely online, you can fill this form in two ways like –

You can apply yourself in the official website of CPCT at cpct.mp.gov.in with the help of your Smartphone / PC / Tablet / Laptop.

You can apply for CPCT exam by visiting your nearest MP Online Kiosk Center.

CPCT Exam Fee

To apply in the CPCT exam, the candidate has to pay a fee of Rs 660.

If you yourself fill your form through online. Then you can make payment through payment gateway through Net-banking / Credit card / Debit card. If you do it through Net banking, you will get more extra as per the rules of the bank. Fee applies.

Through Pay-gov and Bill-desk you can also pay through net banking / credit card / debit card / phone pay / google pay / Paytem / QR code

Or you can fill your form through any nearest MP Online Kiosk, where you have to pay 660 exam fee and 70 rupees portal charges. 

MP CPCT 2022 Exam Center

This exam is conducted in 7 cities of Madhya Pradesh which are as follows –

  •  Bhopal
  •  Indore
  •  Gwalior
  •  Jabalpur
  •  Ujjain
  •  Sea
  •  Satna

CPCT Exam Syllabus

CPCT. exam is divided into 2 parts

1. Objective Type

In Objective Type you will be asked a total of 75 questions for which you are given 75 minutes time, objective question will be asked to you in the following way like

  1.  Basic knowledge of computer operation
  2.  Introduction to computer hardware and software.
  3.  Proficiency in common IT skills like Networking, Internet, E-mail and so on.
  4.  Typing skills in English and Hindi languages.
  5.  Comprehensive Skills.
  6.  Mathematical/ Reasoning Skills and General Awareness.

Typing test

You will be given 2 paragraphs in the Typing Test, Hindi and English.

Hindi Typing

You will be given 15 minutes to type Hindi Paragraph, your minimum typing speed should be 20 NWPM (Net Word Per Minute) per minute to pass in this test.

 English Typing

To pass this typing test, the minimum typing speed should be 30 NWPM (Net Word Per Minute), you will be given 15 minutes to type this paragraph.

CPCT Score Card Validity

Now many candidates must have kept this question in their mind that how many years the validity of cpct score card .Since the time Madhya Pradesh government conducted this examination, from the time till 2020 the validity of its score card was only 2 years. .

CPCT Score Card Certificate Demo – CPCT Score Card

But now the validity of cpct score card has been increased to 7 years, if you have passed cpct exam in 2021 then you can now reappear in this exam only after 2028.

As I informed you, in government or private sector where there is a need for Computer Operator, English or Hindi Typist. But if you cannot get a job within these 7 years. Then after 7 years you will have to give the exam again.

If you get job in any department after getting cpct score card, such student/candidates do not need to appear in the exam again.

MP CPCT Exam Post

After passing the CPCT exam, candidates can apply for the posts of various computer operators in government offices through CPCT score card in government departments which are as follows –

  1.  Data Entry Operator
  2.  Office Assistant
  3.  Hindi Typing
  4.  English Typing
  5.  Stenographer

You can apply for the post of Clerk etc.

Along with government institutions, you demand candidates who have passed the CPCT exam in many private institutions for these posts in private institutions. So you get this certificate from Govt. And private is the best option to get a job in both the sectors.

How to prepare for CPCT

You can also prepare for CPCT exam through internet, like by searching YouTube, blog, google.

Through all these means you can prepare for cpct exam even sitting at home.

For this you can also join coaching.

Or you can buy Books for CPCT from the market.

You will also get old exam papers in the official website of CPCT, so that you will also get to know about the pattern of the exam.

And in the website of CPCT, you also get Mock Tests which you have to buy separately, this Mock Test is just like the complete exam.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1. How many times can you appear in CPCT exam?

Answer – If you are not able to pass the CPCT exam in one go, then you can apply for this exam again after 6 months.Now the validity of CPCT score card has been increased to 7 years. After passing once, you can apply for this exam again after 7 years.

Question 2. CPCT Full Form in Maths –

CPCT full form in maths  is corresponding parts of Congruent Triangles

Question 3.Can only natives of MP appear in the CPCT exam?

Answer – The answer is no, apart from Madhya Pradesh, candidates from other states (GC, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, etc.) can also appear in this exam.

Question 4. What is the full form of CPCT?

Answer – The full form of CPCT is “Computer Proficiency Certificate Test” which is called “Computer Proficiency Certificate Test” in Hindi.

Question 5. How many years is the CPCT course?

Answer – CPCT is not a course, it is an examination based on the knowledge of a computer.In which how much knowledge you have in the field of computer IT.

It is measured on the basis of this examination. This exam is conducted in an interval of 6 months, the validity of cpct score card has now been reduced to 7 years.

Question 6. CPCT Full Form In Maths Class 9th

CPCT full form in class 9th maths is corresponding parts of Congruent Triangles

Conclusion ( CPCT Full Form)

Hope you have liked this post, in today’s post we have learned what is the full form of CPCT, what is CPCT, eligibility for CPCT, what is the purpose of cpct, what is its fee, and CPCT exam syllabus What is it and how to prepare for CPCT exam? 

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