CNG full form – What is CNG gas? Full Details

CNG Full form  The full form of CNG is Compressed Natural Gas in English and it is called as Compressed Natural Gas in English

What is CNG Full form?

CNG is a type of fuel and can be used in place of gasoline, diesel or LPG. When CNG gas is burnt, it produces less harmful gas as compared to fuels like gasoline diesel or LPG etc.

What is the history of CNG?

It was invented in America in the year 1800. It was later accepted as a fuel in Italy and other European countries. Gradually, emphasis was placed on its use so that the environment could be saved.

This gas is lighter than air and can be compressed from 200 to 250 kg per square cm. The main reason for its suppression is that it is easily held in a cylindrical vessel comfortably in a small space.

What substances are present in CNG?

CNG does not contain lead, sulfate and due to this it contains reactive hydrocarbons 70% and nitrogen oxides 85%. The highest amount of methane gas is found in it and due to this it is colourless, odourless, non-poisonous. There is not much harm to nature by using it.

Advantages of CNG Gas:

  • This gas is environment friendly and it generates much less harmful gas as compared to petrol and diesel.
  • Using this gas is much cheaper than petrol and diesel because a car using CNG which runs 18 KM/KG, the same petrol powered car runs 10KM/Liter.
  • Most of the adulteration is found in petrol and diesel, due to which you may have to suffer. On the other hand, CNG gas is adulterated and there is no possibility of any kind of adulteration in it.

Disadvantages of CNG Gas:

  • CNG-free vehicles do not have a place to install a CNG tank and it is installed in the trunk of the vehicle, due to which the trunk of the vehicle is completely closed and there is no space left in it.
  • It is an odourless gas which makes it very difficult to detect when it leaks.
  • The cost of conversion kit for CNG vehicles ranges between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 and the cost of conversion kit for buses is around Rs 3 lakh.

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