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CNF Full Form 

The full form of CNF is “Confirm”, which we know in our language as ‘Confirm’. If you have a Confirm Ticket (CNF) you can travel by train.

cnf full form
Confirmed Ticket

CNF means that your WL or RAC ticket has been confirmed and your seat in the train has been fixed.

Meaning of CNF :-

Friends, the full form of CNF is “Confirm Ticket”

What is CNF?

Friends, by reading what I told you above. You must have come to know that the full form of CNF is “Confirm”, let us know what is CNF?

In the field of railways, CNF is an abbreviation for ‘Confirm’. Whenever you book a ticket in a train to go somewhere and when you get a seat. Then CNF is written in that ticket. CNF means that the passenger who has booked the ticket has a confirmed seat in the train.

If your ticket shows CNF then it means that your former RAC/WL ticket is now confirmed. And you have got the seat. Friends, many times it happens that when we book a ticket. It is written RAC / WL, in RAC you get a seat while in WL you do not get a seat, you are in the waiting list.

Other Full Forms of CNF :-

Friends, there are many other full forms of CNF, let’s get information about them one by one-

CNF Full Form in Business :

In the field of business, the full form of CNF is “Cost and Freight”, Cost and Freight means ‘Cost and Freight’ in Hindi language. Shipping is a very complex process, there are many steps in the process involving multiple countries and forms of documentation.

Due to communication failures and after several controversies, the three-letter abbreviation for worldwide shipping terms was introduced to reduce confusion. One of the most easily used shipping terms is CNF.

CNF Full Form in Mathematics :

In the field of Mathematics, the full form of CNF is “Conjunctive Normal Form”, it is a form of Boolean Formula.

CNF Full Form in General

The full form of CNF in this field is “Compressed Natural Fuel”, it is known as ‘Compressed Natural Fuel’ in Hindi language. Compressed Natural Fuel or (CNF) is a natural gas. 

CNF Full Form in Airport Codes

Here the full form of CNF is “Tancredo Neves/Confins International Airport”, Tancredo Neves/Confins International Airport (IATA code: CNF, ICAO: SBCF), is an airport in the country of Confins, Brazil.


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