CMS ED Full Form – CMS & ED Course Full Details

Hello, Here we will know about the CMS & ED course also cms ed full form (CMS & ED) , along with the eligibility, course timings, fees and institute for it.

What is CMS ED Full Form ?:

CMS ED full form – The full form of CMS ED is Community Medical Services & Essential Drug in English. And in Hindi it is called Community Health Services and Essential Medicine which is also known as Public Health Course.

What is CMS & ED?:

CMS & ED (CMS & ED) course is a one year diploma course. In which it is mandatory to pass 10th for admission.

In this one year course, first aid is related to giving treatment and prevention.

Also, many institutes offer this course for 18 months or 02 years. But in this you get certificate of 01 year diploma only.

Whereas other 06 months or more 01 year is added by adding practical or work training in a hospital.

Benefits of CMS & ED:

This one year course gives you CMS & ED or Diploma in Public Health course. Approved by the Indian Health and Education Council, New Delhi and in an important decision by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. The work of first aid in all diseases including infectious diseases has been validated under the supervision of a doctor.

CMS & ED Fees (cms & ed course fees):

The fees of this 01 year diploma course can range from 22 to 50 thousand or more in different institutes.

What subjects are taught in CMS & Ed course, Syllabus of CMS & Ed course

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Let us know which subjects are taught in this course. What is CMS & Ed course syllabus. When this course is done on a regular basis, it is divided into first year and second year. When CMS & Ed course is done by distance, it is divided into 3 semesters. But the subject taught in this course does not changes.

Subjects taught in first year

  •  Anatomy
  •  Physiology
  •  Pathology
  •  Health and hygiene
  •  Pharmacology

Subjects taught in second year

  •  Medical jurisprudence
  •  Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  •  Practice of Medicine
  •  Primary health care

Can people who are already practicing do the course?

Yes, if you are 10th pass then you definitely can. It is really a boon for those who do not have any valid certificate for first aid.

Is CMS & ED course valid for government job or registration ?

Yes, it is absolutely valid that during the Corona period, they have got permanent and temporary government deployment in many states. Also, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has given a decision in favor of them in its important decision. And its issued CMS & ED certificate is complete. is mentioned.

Documents required for CMS & ED:

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  •  Aadhar Card
  •  High school marksheet and sanad
  •  Photo

You can inquire about this online from an institute conducting CMS & ED course located in Ghazipur district of UP. Which conducts this course through regular and distance medium.

What to do after CMS & Ed course?

After doing the CMS & Ed course, you should get the diploma certificate verified with the CMHO (Chief Medical and Health Officer) of your area. You get the registration number. After which you can do your practice by opening primary health care center in rural area.

In that rural area people are allowed to treat common ailments etc. You can use only medicines prescribed by WHO (World Health Organization).

Remember, you have got a license to use some prescribed medicines. After this course you cannot open hospital, nursing home or medical shop etc

Precautions before taking CMS & Ed course 

Friends, if you are going to do CMS & Ed course. So you must pay attention to some special things. So that you do not have to regret later.

First of all, from whichever college you are going to do CMS & Ed course. Gather complete information about that college. Confirm that the college is recognised by PCI (Paramedical Council of India).

Also note that good teachers are available in the college. So that you can get better knowledge during CMS & Ed course. And you can start your career after the completion of the course.

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