CMD Full Form – What is CMD? Full Information

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CMD Full Form

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CMD Full Form

The full form of CMD is Command Prompt. Which is used to give commands to the computer..

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Command Prompt

What is CMD?

Command Prompt or CMD is a command-line interpreter application. Which are present in most of the Windows OS. Through this we can instruct our system appropriately. That too without opening any file or section.

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Command Prompt is also called Windows Command Possessor. Because it performs its task with the help of different types of commands. With the help of this, we can provide proper input to our system and get the corresponding output without using mouse.

Try to understand this for example, then suppose you have to rename many files in a folder on your system. So in such a situation if you do this one by one then you may take more time.

Whereas if you do this work with the help of CMD. So you can easily rename those files as per your requirement within 1 minute.

Only the computer keyboard is used to give these types of commands. Many instructions can be given at the same time through the keyboard itself. It is a non-graphical interface.

Which means its interface is not colored but black in color. In which the color of the text is white.

As we all know there are many full forms of CMD, but among them this full form Command Prompt is the most popular and people like to read it a lot. In this post, we will also tell you other full forms of CMD.

CMD Full Form Other

Chief Managing Director

Congenital Muscular Dystrophy

Chief Medical Director

Cortico Medullary Differentiation

Chairman & Managing Director

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