CGPA Full Form – How to calculate CGPA? Full Details

CGPA Full Form – CGPA is an educational grading system used to measure a student’s overall academic performance in schools and colleges. Grades in CGPA are given to students in the form of A, B, C, D, E, F. If you do not know about what is CGPA Meaning , then today in this post I have shared with you CGPA full form.And all other important information related to CGPA in detail.

Introduction of CGPA Grading System Few years back CBSE introduced a new grading system “CGPA” to eliminate the 100 number system.

CBSE’s motive behind starting this new system was that the students should be graded on the basis of their overall merit rather than number. So that it can eliminate the inferiority complex between the students.

Many teachers believe that there are many students who pass by rote some subject and also top it. But the overall performance of the students cannot be judged from it.

That is why most of the schools and colleges nowadays use CGPA grading system, in which grades are given instead of numbers in the examination results.

If you want to know, what is CGPA , CGPA full form how to find CGPA percentage. How to find SGPA percentage. Then I have told you further about this, apart from this, today in this article you will find what is CGPA Full Form, what is the Difference Between CGPA and SGPA. I will also tell about this.

CGPA Full Form


CGPA is known as an educational grading system.CGPA is an educational grading system used to measure the overall academic performance of a student in schools and colleges.

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cgpa full form
Cumulative Grade Point Average

With the help of this, grades named A, B, C, D and F are provided to the student, let us now get other information about it.

What is the CGPA

The full form of CGPA. is  “Cumulative Grade Point Average” is an education grading system, which is used in all schools and colleges nowadays. CGPA is used to measure a student’s overall academic performance, with the CGPA calculated as the grades awarded to the students (A, B, C, D, E, F).

CGPA is calculated by adding the grade points of all the main subjects of a student, dividing the sum by the number of subjects, and the final average obtained is the CGPA.

The method of giving CGPA differs from country to country, but grading of CGPA in India is done on percentage basis. Nowadays, all the results that come are extracted by CGPA .only. Average method is generally used to calculate CGPA. Through CGPA, students get to know about their weak subjects.

How to calculate CGPA

To calculate the CPGA, first the numbers of all the subjects of the student are added and given as No. Divide by off subject Suppose a student has 5 subjects. Then first of all add all the marks obtained from the five subjects and divide it by 5. From which the CGPA will come out.

If you can understand how to calculate CGPA from the example given below, then let’s understand with the following example.

Step 1: Your Subject

Suppose your grades in five subjects are like this.

1. Subject – 1:8

2. Subject – 2:9

3. Subject – 3:7

4. Subject – 4:10

5. Subject – 5:10.

Step 2: Add Subject Grade Point

First add up the grade points of all your subjects.

8+9+7+10+10 = 44

Step 3: Divide Grade Point

Now divide the added grade point i.e. 44 by 5.

Step 4: Your CGPA Will Come

If 44 is divided by 5, you will get the number 8.8, this is your CGPA.

So in this way you can also easily calculate CGPA.

How to get CGPA Percentage

We told you about calculating CGPA above, let us now know how to calculate CGPA according to Percentage.

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Finding CGPA is quite easy, so let’s understand with an example. Suppose your CGPA is 8.8 then you have to multiply it by 9.5 like- 8.8*9.5 = 83.6% i.e. your class 10th has got 83.6% marks.

Difference Between SGPA And CGPA 

So let’s know what is the difference between both SGPA and CGPA.

CGPA and SGPA are a grade system used in many colleges and universities to assess the academic abilities of students.

Both SGPA and CGPA reflect a student’s worth in a semester or the entire course that he/she has studied. But in most colleges, SGPA is used more than CGPA.

SGPA is calculated for a semester or 1 year, whereas CGPA is calculated for the entire duration of a course.

SGPA is the semester grade point average. It is calculated by dividing the total credit points obtained by a student in a semester by the total credit marks in that semester. Whereas CGPA is a Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Benefits of CGPA

  1. CGPA – The educational grading standard reduced students’ scoring stress, allowing them to study without any pressure.
  2. The educational grading system is based on a developed marking structure.
  3. Educational grading standard helps the students identify their deficiencies and abilities.
  4. The education grading system makes studies more comfortable and quicker in many respects.

Limitations of CGPA

Students are likely to achieve less because of the educational grading standard.

The CGPA demotivates students who achieve higher compared to those who perform less. Since both come in equal percentage categorization.

Conclusion CGPA Full Form

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