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Full Form of CDP ?

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CDP full form 

CDP full form – The full form of CDP is Continuous Data Protection, which is called Continuous Data Protection. It is also known as continuous backup.

It is a backup and recovery storage system, in which all the data of the enterprise or computer is backed up after making any kind of data changes.

What is CDP ?

CDP is a system in which the entire data is backed up after making changes to the data system of a computer.

The CDP constantly maintains the changes taking place in the data system. And makes it possible to restore the data on the system in case of any failure.

A CDP system provides disk storage with data recovery every fraction of a second. The programming of the CDP system and the installation of its hardware is straightforward. And easy, and does not put the data on the computer system at risk.

In addition, it solves the problem of “backup windows”, where organizations are at risk of losing data created between two scheduled backups. It also provides protection against dangerous threats like malware and ransomware.

If it is understood in simple words, then it can be understood in this way that it is a system that automatically backs up your computer’s data, after any change in the data. So that you can recover your data in case of any error.

How does CDP work?

The CDP i.e. Continuous Data Protection System copies the “Delta”, and it stores every write to the system on the “Change log” of the CDP system.

CDP stores the last changes made to the system’s data before the system failure, so that you can recover the data at any point in time, if the data is lost or infected with a virus. .

In simple words, continuous data protection technology keeps copy of initial data for a security server. This technology works on a fixed cycle, such as every minute, daily or monthly, or backs up the data at any other fixed time interval.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CDP?

As with any other technology, using continuous data protection technology has both advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Benefits :

  • Continuous data protection technology solves the problem of “Window Backup”
  • It keeps records of all writes and copies, and stores changes in a log so that you can recover data at any time.
  • Each data transaction preserves the record.
  • Continuous data protection technology stores multiple versions of each file, allowing users to recover data from previous versions.


  • Continuous data protection technology requires a fast drive, so that data can be backed up and recovered faster
  • CDP Platforms can be expensive for small organisations.
  • If the architecture of the CDP Platform is not correct then it can cause the failure of the server.

CDP Full Form in Networking

The FULL FORM of CDP under networking is “Cisco Discovery Protocol”.

It is developed by Cisco Systems, and is a proprietary data link layer protocol used to share information about other directly connected Cisco devices. Eg: IP address and operating system version etc.

CDP Full Form In Military & Defense

The full form of CDP under Defense is “Combat Development Process”, it is a process of manufacturing weapons.

Apart from this, CDP is also known as “Custom Defense Package” under Military & Defense. This is a custom package given to the defense to remain operational.

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