CCTV full form or meaning is Closed-Circuit Television.

CCTV i.e. closed-circuit television, which we also call video surveillance, is a combination of many digital devices, in which the video signal is sent to a specific recording device or display device using a video camera.

CCTV is a complete setup with a video camera, recording equipment, display screen etc.

CCTV sends a continuous video signal to a recording device or display device via wire transmission or wireless transmission.

CCTV full form

CCTV has become an important part of the life of common people due to its utility. Wherever we go today, CCTV is installed in the security point of view, such as a bank, shopping mall, traffic, hospital etc.

Through CCTV, we can monitor any particular area, and reduce the possibility of any kind of crime.

Why CCTV is called Closed Circuit Television?

The video that is recorded by a CCTV camera is shown on some limited display device already defined or recorded on a limited recording device
This recorded signal is not publicly broadcasted, meaning a closed group or limited people has access to the recording of a CCTV camera.

For this reason, CCTV is called closed-circuit television.

History of CCTV

CCTV was launched in 1942 by German engineer Walter Bruch to watch the launch of the V2 rocket Privately from his home.

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Initially, when CCTV was made, it was only able to record black and white video, but today the field of CCTV has grown a lot.

Today we can record high-definition video from CCTV and can access it from anywhere through the Internet.

Recorded videos can be zoomed through today’s high-tech CCTV, and can accurately identify a person or vehicle.

Even today CCTV has come up with a Face Recognition facility, which can identify a particular person and inform the authority, without the help of any human being.

High-tech, high-definition cameras mounted on traffic signals also keep a close eye on vehicles and drivers,
Even these cameras record the number and speed of the vehicles, and if there are any speed violations, then send the information to the system, with recording proof.

Components of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

  • Digital or Analog video recording Camera
  • RJ Connecting Cables
  • Recording Device
  • Recording Disk
  • Display device

Applications of CCTV

  • Shop and multiplex
  • Bank
  • The casino
  • Building and Residential Apartments
  • Corporate offices
  • Government Office and Vital Building
  • Airport
  • railway station
  • Industrial plant
  • The highway
  • City road
  • School and college
  • Park

What video recording technology is available in CCTV?

mainly two types of video recording techniques are available-

  1. DVR– Digital Video Recorder
  2. NVR- Network Video Recorder

Advantages of CCTV

CCTV today has become an important digital device for increased security as well as productivity.
Today, along with the common people, big companies also get CCTV installed in their homes and offices due to the many benefits of CCTV.
following are some big CCTV advantage-

  • CCTV greatly reduces the chances of theft or robbery in any home.
  • Due to CCTV, today we can monitor our office or any other place sitting at home, due to which office workers work more.
  • CCTV provides important video footage in case of any crime, due to which the police or investigating agency gets a lot of help.
  • CCTV camera in school and college ensures children’s security. This ensures that the children on campus are safe in every way
    Today, many schools and colleges share the link of CCTV live monitoring with their student’s parents so that parents can monitor their child in school and college.
  • Nowadays new night vision CCTV cameras can record clear videos even at night.
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Drawbacks of CCTV Camera

  • The biggest disadvantage of CCTV cameras is that many times people install CCTV cameras without telling them and the privacy of others is endangered.
  • Due to dust and rain, the camera is often spoiled, which costs a lot on its maintenance.

Types of CCTV camera

There are currently two types of CCTV cameras-

  1. Analog CCTV cameras
  2. IP CCTV cameras

Best CCTV camera in India

Many types of CCTV cameras are very popular in India, some of which are prominent-

Some other famous full form of CCTV

CCTV- China Central Television

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