CCTV Full Form – What is CCTV Camera? Full Details

CCTV Full Form – Hello friends, you must have known about CCTV camera. And you must have seen that nowadays CCTV cameras are used everywhere, in traffic signals, in shops, in banks, in hotels. Even people in their homes for security. But do you know what is the full name of CCTV camera or CCTV full form?

If not, then you will get to know CCTV Camera Full Form in this post. Along with this information related to CCTV Camera will also be found in this post, so let us know about CCTV Full Form, work of CCTV etc.

CCTV Full Form

The full form of CCTV is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

cctv full form
Closed Circuit Television

CCTV camera is a type of TV system with the help of which the video signal is transmitted to the monitor or recording system. CCTV camera is also known as video surveillance. It is mostly used to monitor sensitive areas (where surveillance is needed and people cannot maintain all the time).

It is called closed circuit television because the video signal recorded by the CCTV camera is not broadcast publicly. Use it only for security.

Information about CCTV Camera

As we mentioned above, CCTV cameras are used to monitor the sensitive area. Crime can be prevented through CCTV camera and it proves to be helpful in preventing crime. Because it monitors all the activities happening and also records them.

CCTV is also used in traffic. You must have seen that CCTV cameras are installed in the traffic signals which are used to keep a watch on the people who are involved in the accident or breaking the traffic signal. CCTV cannot distribute the signal publicly. But it is used for surveillance for security purpose.

How does a CCTV camera work?

CCTV uses wired or wireless transmission to transmit or transmit the signal to a recording device or monitor. This camera can transmit both audio and video or on the video bus.

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Nowadays, advanced CCTV cameras are being made, which can record clear video even in low light, that is, it can make good recording even at night. Many components are needed for CCTV camera, we can see that too.

CCTV camera components

If you have seen the cctv full form, now we also know about the components used in CCTV and will understand how they are used.

Security Camera

In this, the main function of the security camera is to capture the video. The security camera captures the live video of the reaction happening around it. This live video is continuously captured in the digital chip installed in the camera. Whatever video is captured by the security camera. It is visible in the monitor through wired or wireless transmission in the format of the signal. 


Cables are used to connect different types of devices, through cables, cameras, monitors, recorders are interconnected so that the signal can be operated properly.

Video Recorders

When a video is captured by the camera, it is necessary to store that captured video.Because you cannot watch live all the time. So a recording device is needed to watch the video later.

There are mainly two types of recording devices analog recorder and digital video recorder. Most of the digital video recorders or network video recorders are used today.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is an electronic device that converts the signal coming from the security camera into a digital signal, i.e. the video captured by the security camera is recorded in a digital format in the storage mounted on the DVR. DVR and analog recorder work in the same way, the only difference is that DVR records video in digital format.

Network Video Recorder (NVR) is also an electronic device that stores audio or video data taken from an IP camera in storage. It works similar to Digital Video Recorder, the only difference is that DVR is connected to a security camera which captures video but Network Video Recorder is connected to an IP Camera which is also called Network camera.


The monitor, also known as a display unit, displays the video stored in the recording device on the screen. It acts as an output.

Hard Disk

As you know, hard disk is a storage device whose function is to store the video captured by the security camera so that the video can be viewed later. The hard disk is embedded inside the recording device.

History of CCTV

CCTV was invented in 1942 by Walter Bruch of Germany. But the first closed circuit television system was available in America which was called Vericon.

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Where is CCTV used?

  1.  Bank
  2.  Super Market
  3.  Shop and Multiplexes
  4.  Railway stations and airports
  5.  Highways and Traffic signal
  6.  Corporate house
  7.  Government Office and Building
  8.  Residential Apartments and Building etc.

Benefits of CCTV Camera

  1. CCTV camera plays an important role to reduce crime
  2. It is (CCTV) is used for safety and security, if you have used the transport of a good company, then you must have seen that there is a camera in its dash board so that you feel safe.
  3. CCTV proves to be very helpful for security in homes. If ever there is a theft in your house, you can easily find out the thief by watching its video. It has been seen that theft is very less in the house where CCTV camera is installed.
  4. This is a good option for monitoring workers or business in business.
  5. Nowadays CCTV cameras are also used in schools and this is a good thing because children can be monitored with this.

CCTV Camera Price

Guys there are many cctv cameras which have normal price.I have provided given below some CCTV camera price.You can check them –

CP Plus CCTV Camera

Minimum price is ₹630 and maximum price is  ₹115202

Hikvision CCTV Camera

Minimum price is ₹999  and maximum price ₹145963

Godrej CCTV Cameras

Minimum price is ₹ 849 and maximum price is ₹26999


Minimum price ₹1097 and Maximum price is ₹2999


NVR Full Form In CCTV

The full form of nvr in CCTV is Network Video Recorder.

PTZ Camera Full Form

The full form of PTZ camera is Pan Tilt Zoom cameras.

Dome Camera Full Form.

Friends there is no full form of Dome camera. Dome cameras get their name from their dome-shaped structure. These security cameras are designed to withstand all elements, both inside and outside.These cameras are very useful.

Conclusion – CCTV Full Form

You have written in this post about CCTV Full Form, how CCTV camera works, what are the essential components in it, when was it invented, what is the benefit of installing CCTV, where CCTV is used etc. Your go

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