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BTS Full Form – You must have heard the word BTS somewhere, BTS Full Form is Bangtan Sonyeondan and its other name is also known as Bangtan Boys (Bangtan Boys) or Bulletproof boys scout. It is a South Korean boy’s band group.

It is one of the most popular music and dance groups in the world. In this article, we will know about it in detail. So let’s know about all these without any delay i.e. about BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) and its members as well.

BTS Full Form ?

BTS Full Form = Bangtan Sonyeondan

BTS i.e Bangtan Sonyeondan Group has only 7 main members, it is a world famous music and dance group.

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Bangtan Sonyeondan

Till now it has won many awards across the world in many different places of the world. About which we will know in detail in this article below.

About BTS and its History

BTS Meaning = Bangtan Sonyeondan

BTS is a South Korean 7-member boy band group. BTS Group was formed in the year 2010. And it was launched on 11 September 2013 with the help of Big Hit Entertainment, its first album was 2 cool 4 school.

This album got a very good response all over the world. Because of this BTS became very popular. Because of this, he was later awarded the New Artist of the Year award.

BTS Members – About BTS Members

Friends, we all know that this is a very good world famous band group in which there are 7 members, now let us know in detail about all its members one by one.

RM – Kim Nam-joon

Friends RM is the leader of the South Korean band group BTS. Her full name is Kim Nam-joon, she was born on 12 September 1994 in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

They are called on the stage by the name of RM. He made his first album in 2015. KM is also a song writer, rapper, and record producer. He has also been honoured with the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit Award in 2018.


Jin – Kim Seok-jin

Jin’s full name is Kim Seok-jin, a member of the South Korean boy group BTS. Jin is also a singer and songwriter. He was born on 4 December 1992 in Gwacheon-si South Korea. It is the largest member of BTS Group.


Suga – Min Yoon-gi

Suga is also a member of BTS Group, his full name is Min Yoon-gi. He was born on 9 March 1993 in Buk District, Daegu, South Korea. He is also a Rapper, Songwriter and Record Producer, he was also honored with the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit Award in 2018.


J-Hope’s full name is Jung Ho-Seok. Jung was born on 18 February 1994 in Buk District, Gwangju, South Korea. 

He is Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Record Producer. These too in 2018  Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit has been awarded.


Jimin’s full name is Park Ji-min. He is also a member of BTS Group. He was born on 13 October 1995 in Geumjeong District Busan, South Korea. Jimin is also a singer, songwriter, and dancer. He was also awarded the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit in 2018.

V – Kim Tae-hyung

V’s full name is Kim Taehyung, also a core member of BTS Group. He was born on 30 December 1995 in Seo District Daegu South Korea. He is also a singer, songwriter and actor. He was also awarded the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit in 2018.


Jungkook – Jeon Jung-kook

The full name of Jungkook is Jeon Jung-kook. He is also a member of BTS Group. He was born on 1 September 1997 in Busan South Korea. He is singer and songwriter. He was also awarded the Hawagwan Order of Cultural Merit in 2018.

Friends, here it is, let’s talk about the members of BTS group, now let’s know a little more about them.

Awards and Achievements of BTS

This group of 7 members has won 375 awards since 2014.

  1.  2 Cool 4 School
  2.  O!RUL8,2?
  3.  School Luv affair
  4.  Dark and Wild Face yourself
  5.  Wings
  6.  The most beautiful moment in life
  7.  Love yourself
  8.  Map of the soul: 7
  9.  Map of the soul: Personal

BTS Group Albums

There are many popular albums of this group, whose list of the names of some special albums is given below, friends, you can also see these albums in YouTube.

When did BTS start?

BTS was formed in Seoul in 2010, but on 13 June 2013 under “Big Hit Entertainment”, they debuted with the song ‘No More Dream’ from the album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’. Within a few years, the band became very popular in South Korea and won several New Artist of the Year Awards and international awards.

What is BTS ARMY?

The fans of the band are called BTS ARMY. According to some fans, ARMY is an acronym, which means “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.” Thus if you are also a BTS fan then you are also a part of BTS ARMY.

What is the reason for the popularity of BTS?

The reason for the popularity of BTS is that their songs touch the lives of many people. The band is known for songs written about mental health, school bullying, issues of school-going youth, the journey of loving yourself, and individualism. The songs he wrote are also often on the problems youths are facing in Korea.

Other full forms of BTS

Friends, now we have learnt about the South Korean boy band group BTS, now let us know a little about the other full forms of the word BTS.

BTS – Base Transceiver Station

BTS – Brevet de Technicien Supereur

BTS – British Thoracic Society

BTS – British Transplantation Society

BTS – Bratislava Airport

BTS – Bureau of Transportation Statistics

BTS – Bug Tracking System

BTS – Braking The Silence

BTS — Burn The Stage

What did you learn (BTS full form)

Through this article, we have tried to give you all types of information related to BTS, what is BTS and BTS  Full Form. Members of BTS. I hope you liked the information given by us and got to know something new from this article.

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