BFF Full Form – What is BFF Meaning? Full Details

BFF Full Form : What is BFF? What is the full form of BFF?, You must have seen many people using the word BFF in social media.Especially today’s youth use this word a lot while chatting among themselves.

In such a situation, those who see the word BFF for the first time.They get into thinking that what is the meaning of this BFF. what is the full form of BFF.

Today, through this article, I am going to give you detailed information about what is BFF, what is the meaning of BFF, what is BFF used for, what is BFF Full Form.

BFF Full Form

The full form of BFF is “Best Friend Forever”, it means best friend forever .




This word can be used for the person who is closest to you, it can be your friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, or any person. BFF is a phrase and people use this phrase to show their deep friendship.

Meaning of BFF

There is definitely some friend in everyone’s life. You do not know how many new friends you make from school to college and many of them are also such friends who get separated from us with time.

Or because of being busy in your own work, meeting becomes very less. But out of all those friends, there is such a special friend who is closest to you, from whom you never want to be separated in life.

This doesn’t happen with just one, it happens with everyone. There is such a special friend in everyone’s life with whom you enjoy spending time, hanging out with him, talking to him.

That friend is closest to your heart, you share all your things with him whether it is good or bad, you trust him a lot, he is always with you whether there is sorrow or happiness. Such a friend is called today’s youth by the name of BFF i.e. Best Friend Forever.

Where to use BFF

Although you can use this word anywhere. But this word is mostly used by the youth in social media. When a boy or girl shares his photo with his best friend in social media then in caption shows his friend as BFF.

In today’s era, it is a popular word which is used a lot in social media. You will often find this word written in Caption, Post, Status. Apart from this, when you introduce any of your close friends to the rest of the normal friends for the first time. Then there you can introduce the close friend to the rest of the normal friends by calling them BFF.

It has been seen that this word is more popular among girls than boys. It means to say that more girls than boys use the word BFF. The use of this word BFF among the youth is very common in today’s time.

Friends, BFF does not mean only best friend forever, it has many other meanings. But in this article, we have told only about the one which is used the most in social media.And is the most popular among the people.

Conclusion (BFF Full Form)

From the information provided by us, you must have read what is BFF full form and meaning, and why this word is very popular among people. If you also have a friend who is very special to you, then you can call that friend as BFF.

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